Coach a: bitcoin continues to soar, other leaders are awakened

Cognition creates wealth, spirit creates faith. I am coach A. thank you for your continuous attention to my article. Please pay attention, like, comment and forward. Your growth is the driving force for us to continue to share. It is where my value lies. Bitcoin can’t stop rising. Another dragon head has finally been awakened. It has come. It has come. Yesterday’s article is worth reading again as it disclosed the script in advance. Last night, bitcoin continued to soar, up to around $53000, which was exciting. However, I found that the market was not very hot. Unlike when bitcoin just broke through $50000, the whole network was promoting it. Everyone was passing the news to each other, and even went to the microblog hot search. I don’t know whether bitcoin has blinded us or talked a lot Coin friends don’t have bitcoin. However, the rise of bitcoin is completely expected. What is gratifying is not only that it has risen, but also that it has risen so steadily, without arrogance or impatience, without arrogance or arrogance, without anger or joy. It is really gratifying and hopeful. But I would like to congratulate all coin friends: Ethereum has finally broken through the historical high. As we pointed out in the article yesterday, with the tireless drive of bitcoin, Ethereum finally has its own momentum of rise. Ethereum has finally been awakened and started to take the initiative to attack. Now it has exceeded $1900. It’s really exciting. Once Ethereum comes back strongly, it will be very exciting, The market will once again form a strong form of tripartite confrontation, and will continue to stage the grand situation of your singing and my appearance. First of all, let’s take a look at the three strong points of tripartite confrontation? First, bitcoin; second, mainstream counterfeit currency; third, Ethereum and decentralized finance under the environment of Ethereum. The three of them rotate with each other, and the strong are always strong. You can sing the relationship between me and me. Today’s rise of Ethereum is of great significance. Remember one word, it is now taking the initiative to attack, and the main force is taking the initiative. This is totally different. In addition, it has broken through the historical high. Theoretically speaking, it is not surprising how much it has risen. Since it is so strong, what about the other two plates? Bitcoin will not be too weak. After all, from the perspective of the increase, it only increased by 4% from $50000 to $52000. What about the mainstream Shanzhai? At this time, we should also seize the time to build up momentum and find the ignition point. Since the three have the kinetic energy of active attack, then the next problem is to rise first and then rise. If Ethereum is strong, then Ethereum will rise first, and the other two plates will be weaker. When TaiFang is resting, the other two plates will be stronger. Therefore, the difficulty of the current market is not to judge the rise and fall, but what kind of currency intervention is the most important. For those who hold currency, they can continue to hold currency. For those who do not, they need to choose a good currency to intervene. For contracts, it is to select the right place. Today, I’m going to drive on the highway. I don’t have time to sort out the currency on the road. Do you have time to sort out the corresponding currency and multiple empty places

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