Coin circle news: Jiang Zhuoer has replaced BTC with Ethereum eth, and there is new news in grayscale

Bitcoin’s market share has exceeded 70%. Many people, including Jiang Zhuoer, began to change their warehouses, replacing BTC with eth. The terrible thing about bitcoin is that it has not adjusted, and it has been soaring all the way. Can you sit without bitcoin? Bitcoin is creating a new height every day. It has made too many people break their thighs. Why didn’t I get on the bus? See others bask in their own account income every day, envy, jealousy, hate, let their own impetuous. Based on the breakthrough of bitcoin and the continuous creation of historical high-tech nodes, the market is more and more excited. Let’s ask you a few questions: 1. Have you made any money? I don’t think there are too many people who can boldly intervene in the long run of bitcoin this time. From the perspective of market capital analysis, this wave of market is actually driven by American institutional capital. Most people’s view is that bitcoin has lost its pricing power in China, so it can be judged that there are not many domestic users buying bitcoin this time. There are two reasons: bitcoin is too expensive. Bitcoin has no decent adjustment and dare not keep up with it. For example, Master Li, as we all know, failed to make a judgment this time. 2. Do you believe in bitcoin? What bitcoin can hold must have faith, no matter what you think bitcoin is! But it’s important to believe that bitcoin will go higher and higher without a ceiling. Only such people deserve bitcoin. 3. Do you have bitcoin? This question is quite penetrating. I don’t have one. The reason is very simple. I’m worried about my gains and losses. I dare not spend so much money to buy something that I can’t achieve through cognition. Do you have any spare money? This spare money can’t affect his daily life. For example, a person who is carrying too much debt is living in a tight corner every month. No matter how good the investment opportunity is in front of him, he is also disappointed and makes a picture to satisfy his hunger. As a matter of fact, no matter how nice it is, you can never make a lot of money without idle money. We can only be a bystander and watch others make easy money. No matter how anxious we are, we can’t help it. How much money does the currency circle need? Let’s put aside the futures contract here, and use small and broad-based ones. For example, someone earns 15 million yuan from 200000 yuan and 100 million yuan from 5 million yuan. These are just a few examples and do not have a universal demonstration effect. Just look at the spot and share a point of view. Mr. Li said: in the current market of bitcoin, there is little principal, and it is impossible to make a lot of money by cash. The principal should be at least more than 200W, but most people’s principal is only several hundred thousand yuan. If you want to make big money, you must play futures. Futures individuals are not recommended to participate. That is to say, cash now needs at least 2 million principal to make money. How few people do I want to meet this standard? Point of view: in fact, at this time point, if you want to make a leap in wealth in the next few years, you have to be full of stocks. It is even necessary to increase leverage, borrow money, or sell houses. After all, since you have chosen to stir fry currency, it means that what you want is an exponential increase in wealth. It doesn’t make much sense to increase the value by 50% or 100%. 1000% + is what you need. It’s time to fight. Note: if you feel that life is short, you might as well take a gamble. A cup of Long Island, turn around and jump into the West Lake. The big bull market is coming. It’s not a dream for bitcoin 100000 dollars. It’s time for Soha to sell houses, increase leverage and borrow money. This view is more radical. Borrowing money to invest is a big taboo, and I don’t agree with it. But when you see the wealth of many people in the market increasing, are you afraid that you will miss opportunities, contracts, loans, leverage, etc. will affect your cognition? To be honest, every day I open the market software and see that bitcoin has risen again, I will think, if I have several million, I can earn hundreds of thousands in a few days, what class should I do? But is there such a view? The charm of the market is a lot of uncertainty, and the risk of the market is also a lot of uncertainty, uncertainty is profitable, uncertainty is the loss of money. I feel very strange is that every time I have the idea of admission, the market is always joking with me. I think that if I go up, I will fall. It’s a matter of one’s own ability. It’s the same with many operations. Sometimes think about the investment of tens of thousands of yuan, not to do futures, only take spot, how much can rise? Every day of fear, will not let themselves fall into the situation of picking up watermelon and losing sesame seeds. Greed is a big taboo, no end will never lose, can lose few people? Look at the market every day, how many have currency in hand? How many people make money? How I think I have made money, with profits to fry money? I don’t care about winning or losing. So give up the dream of becoming rich, down-to-earth, make money! Only by making more money can we have the courage and determination to hoard bitcoin. Bitcoin can complete the energy conversion. This is a point of view of Wan Hui’s little sister. I remember Guo Hongcai also said that bitcoin is the concept of energy currency. Write a waste energy recycling program, mining machine is clean and green, no pollution. Before the Hydropower Station attracted high energy consumption enterprises, electrolytic aluminum, high abandoned energy recovery program crystal silicon slag pollution is very serious. Mining machine also has no pollution emissions, that is, electricity into heat energy consumption, into bitcoin. The electricity that can’t be used has to be sent out. So much electricity needs to be consumed, so the extra electricity is used to produce bitcoin, which becomes an energy currency and then sold abroad. The world in the future will be energy. Tesla is worth so much money because it’s not a car for sale, it’s an energy company. Bitcoin is energy currency. And bitcoin is also an important tool for foreign exchange. Bitcoin is now a big foreign exchange income for China. Because bitcoin, Ethereum and letcoin, almost all cryptocurrencies are produced in China (mining). More than 80% of the world’s computing power is in China, because China’s electricity is cheap. The digital currency produced in China is exported abroad, and foreigners pay the bill on Wall Street. Money becomes foreign exchange income, which generates tens of billions of dollars of foreign exchange income every year. Countries waste energy for mining, and then produce bitcoin, take bitcoin to buy other things around the world, ranging from aircraft carrier, aircraft, artillery, high-tech, small to daily necessities, bitcoin perfectly completes the energy conversion. Guo Hongcai said that the current world center is around energy. Whoever has mastered oil will master the world. All commodities are by-products of oil. At present, oil is settled in US dollars. The future trend may be to use bitcoin. Countries without oil can use their own waste energy to dig for bitcoin, and then use bitcoin to buy oil. The world energy pattern will change accordingly. We all know that the core of the US involvement in Middle East affairs in the Gulf War is for oil. The United States controls the pricing power of oil all over the world, and bitcoin brings a ray of life to countries that need oil and are blocked by the United States. Nine gods believe that all cryptocurrencies are given by bitcoin. 1. All the other virtual currencies, including Ethereum, are valuable because of bitcoin. The reason is very simple, because bitcoin has value, so people compare other virtual currencies with bitcoin, so other virtual currencies also have value. (other currencies have no pricing power: This is what Jiushen said, not Xiaobian) 2. Reference point effect. People don’t know how to price a thing. First of all, it has to have a reference point. Who is the reference point of the coin circle? It’s bitcoin. (the price of bitcoin is the reference for other cryptocurrencies) 3. Because of the reference point of bitcoin, many junk coins (rationally, they should all return to zero) will also have prices, for example, the market value of bitcoin accounts for a few percent or 1000 percent of bitcoin. Because people will take it for granted that they look so much like bitcoin that they should have a price. (junk money is always junk currency) there is a point of view that, except bitcoin, all the others are counterfeit coins, with different ideas. This time, when REBO was investigated, everyone voted with their feet and the funds fled. All the money flowing out would flow to bitcoin. And REBO was the first, not the last. With REBO being investigated, it is expected that cryptocurrencies may be investigated on the market. In other words, the Matthew effect of cryptocurrency market has become more obvious recently. In addition to bitcoin, other Ethereum, the rise of letcoin is good, but it is only a follower of bitcoin. However, grapefruit, which has been highly expected by many people, has been declining all the way. How many people lose their faith? Is it the coin circle or the people? This year, the currency circle is a place that doesn’t talk about martial arts. Some people say that this wave of cryptocurrency with no value storage attribute can only follow in this bull market, and even Shanzhai coin can not win. It is not unreasonable that it is not in a track. The rise of cryptocurrency is not based on landing, technology or application, but on value storage. What is the vision of bitcoin? 1. Let’s start with the vision. Many people think that the coin hoarding party is a belief, which can not be denied, but bitcoin is more than faith. The so-called vision is that there is a clear answer to the outcome of this matter. What will it eventually look like? How will it change the world? (bitcoin will change the whole world, whether you believe it or not) 2. Why is the vision of bitcoin so big? Because the stored value is a very large track, how much wealth is there in the world? Bitcoin is going to dominate this track now. It will grow into a giant, and no one can avoid it in the future. (stored value is the core of bitcoin, bitcoin makes a living from it) 3. The development of our human society is the process of constantly creating wealth, and the wealth created by everyone, if not consumed, will be stored in some form. This is a track that is bound to grow wirelessly. So bitcoin has no ceiling. (there will only be more and more human wealth. Bitcoin is the carrier of wealth, and the home price of bitcoin has no ceiling) 4. Why does bitcoin dominate this track? Let’s take a look at the way we used to store value. Generally speaking, when we make money, where will we save it? There are mainly three kinds: French currency, gold and real estate. Bitcoin is more powerful than these three things. (French currency can be issued, inflation; gold storage is inconvenient to carry; real estate will be depreciated, maintenance costs, difficult to cash) 5. Will bitcoin be surpassed by later generations? impossible. In this area, the most important thing is decentralization and security. You can copy code, you can replicate users through forks, but you can never copy decentralization and security. (decentralization and security cannot be replicated) 6. How to participate? Everyone has their own way. What I choose is to hoard bitcoin until the day my vision comes true. Generally speaking, it is to change the money you earn into bitcoin and use it to store value. Therefore, the essence of bitcoin hoarding is saving, not investment. The main purpose of the coin hoarding party is not to make money. Making money is just a byproduct of bitcoin hoarding. (bitcoin is savings, similar to bank deposit, not for investment, not to make money, but to store wealth) 7. The correct way to store bitcoin is to master the private key. There is no other way. The vision of bitcoin is the storage of human wealth. Buying bitcoin is saving, saving your wealth. Money hoarding is not an investment, it is not for the sake of making fiat money, and the money gained is only a by-product. Decentralization and private keys make your money yours forever. So the price of bitcoin doesn’t have to be considered at all. There will never be a ceiling. Of course, not everyone agrees with these views. Most of us still make money by speculating. Therefore, bitcoin is still treated with speculation, and the rise and fall of the market is still entangled in the heart. It’s not that I don’t understand. The world is changing fast. The price of bitcoin has risen again and again, which has refreshed our understanding of whether bitcoin with 26000 yuan is expensive. Feizhai’s views are as follows: With 20000 as the zero line, bitcoin has only risen by more than 6000, which is not expensive at all. According to feizhai’s point of view, bitcoin is still in the primary stage of rising, and the future star sea is still behind. Of course, the belief of the nine gods is more firm. Bitcoin is only higher, there is no highest price, and there is no ceiling. The rise of bitcoin has changed people’s view, among which institutional capital has played an important role. Gray trust uses micro blog to say hello to the Chinese people. Is this because there are many leeks in China? We will continue to buy bitcoin at the end of the Christmas holiday. The implication is that bitcoin will continue to rise. But grayscale also means that the daily increase will be less. But gray trust micro blog sent a very interesting message. Is it right now that pancakes are the first place to give up everything else?

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