Coin King: 2.15 bitcoin is close to the door when it is less than 50000, and falling back is more opportunities

Don’t worry, there is no confidant on the way to invest. Good afternoon, dear friends. I’m the king of coins. I’m very happy to bring Tianwang’s analysis of the market with you in the afternoon. Yesterday, bitcoin’s market broke through 49000 points as expected, but it was only one step away from 50000 points, and the market fell under pressure. As I said in yesterday’s article, as long as we break the 49000 position, we will continue to test the suppression of 50000. At present, in the short-term, the upward trend is blocked. At least in the next two days, Tianwang is optimistic about the market, and will sort out the market. After consolidation at the low level, it will rush higher. All opportunities germinate in the voice of opposition. Market operation is the result of the long short game. Understand the logic behind each wave of market rise. When the next wave of market arrives, you can hold it. Otherwise, you will always be an audience. Generally speaking, the overall mainstream currency market is still in the stage of upward attack. The current situation is temporary. After the upper attack is blocked, we have carried out low-level sorting, accumulated energy, and the makers accumulated chips, and then rushed up after raising funds. Therefore, under the current market situation, we still focus on doing long, while we should put the long point at a relatively low point, to use the words before the king of heaven In the future, Tianwang thinks that it will continue to touch the high for exploration. In the process, there may be a situation of stepping back and making a slight adjustment. This is also a normal phenomenon. At present, the global market value of cryptocurrency has exceeded $1.5 trillion, which has exceeded the market value of Google. From the Spring Festival of last year to now, in less than a year, the overall value of cryptocurrency has increased 10 times, which also makes more retail investors have more opportunities to contact the currency circle, more and more capital and institutions have begun to enter the market, and the overall capital of the market is constantly increasing. Therefore, it is only a matter of time to think about the breakthrough of bitcoin 50000 from the perspective of Tianwang With the passage of time and the entry of more funds, bitcoin, as the leading big brother, has a bright future in the future and will bring greater wealth effect to its users. Let’s take a look at the market. Yesterday, bitcoin bulls made another effort to set a new record, with the market approaching 50000 points. In the next few days, there will still be a tentative high. If the position is broken, it is very likely that the market will reach 51000 to 53000. In yesterday’s analysis, I also gave multiple orders that can make a medium and long-term layout near 46000, and the points can take 2000 points. If the friends who follow the strategy have made profits of more than 1000 points, this list will have more profits in the future. In the operation, move the stop loss up to 46500 line. In terms of indicators, bitcoin closed the positive line yesterday, and the top began to pull back after reaching a new high of 49700. On the whole, bitcoin was still upward bulls, and the trend was relatively sound. The market was continuously refreshed with the 5-day average and 10-day moving average. However, the bull energy of MACD in the current figure index is shrinking, so the momentum of breaking the position is here Two days seems to be more difficult. From the short-term indicators, the brin track of the hour chart is still opening up. The market drops in the evening, and the current point is on the 47000 line. Under the current market situation, Tianwang still thinks that at the down track of Brin, that is, the 46000 line, it can directly try to enter the market, look at more than 2000 points with multiple single targets, and break positions to reduce positions, Then move up the stop loss and keep a small position to see the big target of 50000 points. In operation, it is still recommended that we should focus on doing long, and short orders can only win once for small positions. Let’s look at Ethereum again. Yesterday’s market was under pressure at 1850, and it was rebounded after touching 1650. The strength is also very strong. This is a typical pin in market, which shows that the market is still dominated by bulls. We can understand this wave of inserts as the makers’ washing dishes, absorbing some chips in the low position, and putting them in the low position in the early stage Part of the chips are sucked out and part of the arbitrage is carried out. From the technical indicators of Ethereum, there is a certain demand for the decline of the daily line as a whole. The index KDJ in the figure shows a downward trend. The fast line of MACD at the bottom is also running through the slow line. If the downward force of this section is obvious, the market is likely to be able to recover to 1500-1520. As long as you can reach this area, you don’t need to buy more orders This single can be used as an opportunity for a long line layout. If the radical investors are mainly short-term investors, they can consider entering multiple orders directly near 1700-1710, stop loss at 1694, and the more stable investors can wait for the bottom of the daily line range from 1640 to 1650. This brings opportunities to enter a multiple order with light positions. There is still no big change in the operational thinking. They mainly focus on long orders and short orders can win, but their positions are still large To small, and the number of times not to fight too much, to get a wave can go, suggest more than 1 / 10 of the position, empty single position 1 / 20. The general trend of the market is still the same, but the short-term differences still exist, and controlling the position is still the top priority. Facing the current situation, I hope that no matter what currency you do, you need to focus on the trend of bitcoin. The current market, as I said yesterday, is a step-by-step business. How many market prices will be accompanied by a certain range of decline after the high-speed rise, accumulate energy, and then go up again. This bull market is very good to continue. If the current disk or chaotic news will not be interpreted, do not understand clearly, welcome to communicate with king of heaven in time, contract with single king is professional. Statement: I (coin playing king) strives to be objective and fair in the contents and opinions contained in the article (report), but I do not guarantee its accuracy, completeness, timeliness, etc.; the information or opinions expressed in this article (report) do not constitute any investment suggestions, and the Tianwang (Tianwang) does not assume any responsibility for any action taken due to the use of this article. Please participate in the report carefully Secret money market.

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