Coinbase CEO: isolation verification is the future of bitcoin, it should be activated

Coinbase CEO: isolation verification is the future of bitcoin, it should be activated

Coinbase CEO Blaine? Armstrong (BrianArmstrong) is the encryption currency field recently isolation and verification of a (SegWit) expressed support for the characters. He believes that this technology is the future of bitcoin.

He said the release in the last two days of the tweets, verify the needed isolation extensive community support technology “to help the bitcoin”.

With the in-depth understanding of the isolation verification, I think we should activate this technology. Isolation verification may be present bitcoin can choose the best path of development.

The car of Wright currency

For isolation verification, Wright currency (LTC) founder Charlie Lee? (CharlieLee) also hold similar views. Lee said, “isolation verification may not be what you want the best expansion scheme”, but it does bring a lot of cool features “”.

We must activate the isolation verification! It may not be what you want the best expansion program, but it has brought a lot of cool features, but also let the lightning network (lightningnetwork) has become a reality.

Bitcoin expansion issue once the dispute focus between users and developers. However, in the second half of 2016, the problem seems to become less important. To date, the community has not yet reached a consensus on this issue, the problem of expanding the bitcoin block chain is still in suspense.

Teechan magic?

Recently, a new expansion for Teechan came into being, the developer claimed that this scheme is more successful than the isolation verification.

They wrote in the blog, Teechan to ensure transaction security under the premise can save storage space.

Teechan did not make any changes to the existing bitcoin network; with Teechan, even if the transaction scalability (transactionmalleability), system security is not compromised.

…… For bitcoin, the deployment of Teechan is worth it. Because it has all the advantages of trading channel can bring, and does not modify the existing bitcoin protocol, the isolation verification will face obstacles.

They said that although the isolation verification allows lightning network deployment has become a reality, but the premise is that a large number of changes to the bitcoin protocol.

There are still differences

In any case, Armstrong support for the verification of isolation won an appreciation. Tierion CEO Wayne Vaughan? (WayneVaughan) responded to bitcoin construction plan, only to solve the problem of isolation verification”.

I absolutely agree with @brian_armstrong. Isolation verification provides technical support for the second layer protocol of the bitcoin network.

However, isolation verification also a few opponents, bitcoin, Jesus Roger? (RogerVer) is one of them. Therefore, whether an isolation verification community consensus is still a mystery.

Ver in a meeting in November, said that most of the early bitcoin supporters, isolation verification is more like “cry up wine and sell vinegar” (baitandswitch, refers to the price to use the method of cheating the sale of goods), and said he “made on isolation verification morality” doubt.

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