Coinbase co-founder of digital currency company announced the end of the month will leave on a

Coinbase co-founder of digital currency company announced the end of the month will leave on a

Digital currency company Coinbase as the industry leader, it has been a total of $116 million 610 thousand financing, but the recent digital currency company Coinbase CEO BrianArmstrong if it is not happy. The first is the IRS (IRS) “JohnDoe” summons let him busy now, his good partner scorched by the flames, FredEhrsam also announced that it will leave the company.

FredEhrsam, a former Goldman trader, co-founder of Coinbase, he was leaving the San Francisco bitcoin start-up companies, to find new opportunities.

Recently, an internal meeting of digital currency company Coinbase, Ehrsam revealed the news, he told reporters that he intends to end his daily work in the end of the month, rest for a period of time, and are likely to seek new business in the industry.

“There is a high probability will start in the encryption currency field,” he said.

It is reported that, after the departure of Ehrsam, he will remain in his company Coinbase digital currency board seats.

When asked about the reasons behind the move, Ehrsam said, he believes that the company and the broader block chain industry will face a turning point”.

“This is the first time I think it can support a series of different business ideas,” he said.

At the end of 2012, Ehrsam of e-mail communication with digital currency company Coinbase co-founder and CEO of BrianArmstrong, he joined the company.

Ehrsam said he is this decision has been discussed for a long time, and he believes that with the passage of time, more employees may leave Coinbase and entrepreneurship.

For example, the first Coinbase OlafCarlson-Wee employees, he left the company in July last year, and the creation of a hedge fund based on token chain block.

“If you look at the companies that are truly successful, large companies will often appear in a new industry, get rid of the most successful entrepreneurs,” he said, “like the PayPal Gang, and we created the Coinbase gang.”

It is reported that Ehrsam worked in the digital currency company Coinbase during this period, he was awarded a Forbes Time and other media figures for the 30 under the age of 30 outstanding, he also as a representative of Coinbase attended many high-profile meetings.

At the same time, Coinbase also announced that MikeLempres will join the company, and served as the company’s chief legal officer and risk.

The company said in a statement:

“Digital currency company Coinbase is in good condition, we are very optimistic about the future and on 2017.”

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