Coinbase for retail investors to open coin trading channel, the bear held under the self-help?

 Coinbase for retail investors to open coin trading channel, the bear held under the self-help?

According to the coindesk report, announced the day before Coinbase, Coinbase retail investors can use coin trading function, this function had been the only professional institutional investors available.

We can see from the name, currency exchange currency trading is another digital assets with a digital asset transactions. Investors can not increase in additional funds (Fiat) on the basis of more convenient, low risk of digital asset investment.

Marie Clifton Product Manager Anna Coinbase said that in the next few days,, Android and iOS application users will be able to start trading include bitcoin transactions by name Coinbase Convert new features.

“Although the coin trading is a very common way to trade the encrypted currency trading field, but they have not been widely praised by retail investors. Coin trading makes investors directly in the virtual currency transaction directly between our current announced deal for is through user survey and feedback from.” Anna said confidently.

Different from the professional investment institutions who use currency volatility to earn income, taking into account the “practical”, retail investors tend to choose coin trading transactions.

Anna then gives some common examples to illustrate the “practical”, some retail investors have bought a bitcoin application, but now need other currencies and to the center of the (DApps) interaction, when retail investors need to exchange their digital assets.

“It makes me feel very surprised, when I saw some retail investors immediately want to use one to the center of the DApp, but because of the lack of money for currency trading, they had to pay two transaction fees.” Anna is not satisfied on this point.

According to the announcement of Coinbase, retail investors can trade at Coinbase BTC on ETH/ETC/LTC/ZRX/BCH. According to customer feedback, Coinbase will add more to the transaction.

“We will continue to expand the product function and product iteration,” Anna said. “More and more users will have the function.”

In fact, currency trading circle is divided into legal tender currency transactions and currency trading, supervision in tense environment, coin trade is the main currency trading circle.

The review of the development of digital currency exchange, digital asset exchange almost all support currency direct exchange of digital assets.

General currency trading is the OTC, similar to Taobao’s C2C platform, users directly with the user transaction, while the platform as a secured party. Currency trading means, users can directly use the dollar, euro and other legal tender encryption currency trading in such exchanges.

Last year, after “94”, an “coin coin only supports transactions, does not involve the legal tender, let it in the competition have fallen, seize the opportunity to talent shows itself. It can be said that an early currency rise that they adhere to the “coin currency trading”.

For the novice investors, “currency transaction” with buying habits, easy to use. If you want to buy other digital assets, the user either to increase investment, purchased through the direct recharge legal tender; digital assets or cash before put into legal tender, and then use the funds to buy other digital assets. Increasing the time and economic costs in this invisible.

In contrast, the “coin trading” more flexible and more convenient. Plus a digital asset number, the application scope of the expansion of currency trading is difficult to meet the investment needs of investors, more choice of coin exchange began trading.

On the other hand, monetary transactions can give full play to the utility of money. If the forecast to fall and B A currency currency rise, investors can through the A/B transaction to transaction, earn A currency and coin currency fell rising profits, increase investment income.

While Coinbase had only as professional institutional investors to provide RMB currency trading, floating professional investment institutions to use money price to improve the return on investment, retail investors are not entitled to this benefit.

Now Coinbase open the threshold of individual investors, to some extent, can be said to be in a bear market under the self to cool in the market situation, for retail investors to open currency currency trading channels, improve the retail investors return on investment, to attract more retail investors to enter, so as to drive the exchange trading volume and daily living rose.

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