Coinbase IRS user requests the court to stop bitcoin tax

Coinbase IRS user requests the court to stop bitcoin tax

Two Coinbase anonymous customers to try to stop the IRS (IRS) user group records to obtain the digital currency exchange.

In May 15th, BernsWeissLLP law firm filed a motion for revocation of IRS as early as November last year issued a summons. At that time, the U.S. tax authorities want to obtain Coinbase bitcoin user record, looking for potential fraud activities (2014 IRS and other digital currency bitcoin as taxable assets).

Result after months of legal battle, BernsWeiss intervention in the name of the managing partner of JeffreyBerns, also joined the Coinbase.

Finally in March, IRS asked another federal judge executive summons, Coinbase was willing to fight back. Court records show that in May 4th the judge JacquelineCorley requirements of IRS and Coinbase provides briefing schedule, Coinbase will be defended at this time.

BernsWeiss on behalf of two customers to submit a new document, named JohnDoe1 and JohnDoe2. Lawyers say the document from the Corley5 4 decision “guarantee on behalf of Coinbase customers to participate in the proceedings, the court has the opportunity to consider their views”.

It is important that independent documents show that two cases of customers do not wish to disclose the name. They say IRS is to prevent “undo Coinbase provide the complainant records requirements, thereby questioning the complainant’s behavior”.

The lawyer said LeeWeiss:

“We are looking forward to the final lawsuit against IRS summons advantage, hope that the court to consider if the current situation of the implementation of subpoenas to Coinbase customers may bring serious privacy and financial risk”.

Coinbase representatives did not comment.

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