Coins are really able to reach a consensus, then the price will not fall

Coins are really able to reach a consensus, then the price will not fall

Recently, bitcoin fell in crazy, we all see, from the previous $6000 all the way down to the lowest price of $3200, but the last two days, the price of bitcoin is maintained at about 3600 dollars, then there is a problem, it has been said that bit currency future prospects are very good, can grow to hundreds of thousands of dollars of the price, and coins are the consensus are very consistent, so the statement process fell from bitcoin prices, we can directly overthrown.

Why do you say that? The reason is very simple, because if the coins are the consensus are the same, think of the future of bitcoin can rise to very high price, so the price of bitcoin will not go down, either hedge or what can influence the price of bitcoin, if coins are all think bitcoin prices will rise to very high amplitude, go then bitcoin trading volume will be greatly decreased, no one would sell, because we will wait for a bitcoin really rose to a high price, will be willing to sell their own hands bitcoin however, if in accordance with the current bitcoin crazy down process, we can see that bitcoin is not only not crazy to top up, but is in decline, it turns out that in the bitcoin circle inside it, there is no consensus.

And we can see many have seen some Internet heavyweights have bitcoin and bitcoin to distance themselves from the relationship, it proves that the future of bitcoin is still viewed with suspicion, or say, let’s talk about bitcoin after long to a digital price how many people have enough people so much money to hold bitcoin, this is also a key problem, after all bitcoin settlement or in our real money, whether RMB or dollars, these are legal tender our reality. And I believe that the center of digital currency legal will soon appear so for bitcoin’s future, in the future whether there really is the future?

In this case, advise everyone to participate in bitcoin can play speculation, but don’t play with faith, because faith if there is no way to make you able to eat rice, this is one of the most realistic problems, many people are misled by the so-called future bitcoin concept, think bitcoin future can be called the world currency can substitute for gold, these so-called concept is not reality, after all bitcoin, it is only a virtual product, and there is no apology for any country to real bitcoin a recognition and support. For the future of bitcoin, you have what kind of views, comments below express your views, make complaints about it!

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