Coinsource bitcoin ATM company into Arizona Market

Coinsource bitcoin ATM company into Arizona Market

Coinsource bitcoin ATM business just occupied the Arizona market share, because it adds new machines in phoenix. The company is headquartered in Texas, bitcoin ATM is rapidly expanding. This year the company has installed 50 machine, and plans to expand international business. According to a recent press release, they now have 116 bitcoin ATM machine in 10 states.

One of the company’s founder and CEO Sheffield Clark said: “we are very excited to be able to enter the Phoenix City, which is one of the largest metropolis in the u.s.. We are simply a solution to a market demand, we are proud to offer those who started using bitcoins or want to provide more choices for people who use bitcoin, as they use cash or credit card.

Coinsource is now in California, Nevada, Texas, Louisiana, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and Arizona are deployed with bitcoin ATM.

The company’s expansion from its quarterly installation number. Clark explained:

“Coinsource has been busy for three months; we conducted several rounds of recruitment, so that our team has now increased to 20 people, to carry out an important project outside the United states.

The third quarter will be our biggest quarter, higher bitcoin ATM installation rate, more team members to the board of directors, more and more countries into the bitcoin market.”

Bitcoin ATM machine the company manufactured by Genesiscoin, accounting for 48.76% of the total number of all bitcoin ATM. These machines are usually placed in high traffic areas or at night to open the store.

According to, the average of all formalities bitcoin ATM machine costs 8.99%. While the machine is running Coinsource costs about $8%, to buy a larger amount of the fee is lower.

More bitcoin ATM machine in the United States than any other country, this ATM network annual growth rate will continue to rise.

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