Coinsource in the American state of Saint Louis to start the three bitcoin ATM

Coinsource in the American state of Saint Louis to start the three bitcoin ATM


The United States bitcoin ATM network Coinsource has expanded into the midwest. The company recently in Saint Louis, Missouri placed three bitcoin ATM machine. Coinsource is currently in the United States market share expanded to more than 14%, a total of more than 80 ATM.

Coinsource CEO SheffieldClark said, “after having milepost significance after 2016, our sights higher. Bitcoin earlier this year, there have been some fluctuations, but I have never seen such a toughness, bitcoin has continued to grow steadily in value, demand and trading volume. We plan to enter the market as much as possible, especially in the capital city and large population centers, continue to zoom and matching the requirements of customers. At the end of the first quarter, we want to expand to 100 machine.”

Clark added: “every time we enter a new state is challenging and rewarding, because when we are trend setters rather than followers. We have occupied nine each state in the United States, and will continue the installation of bitcoin ATM, and improve our current machine, which has two functions of purchase and sale. In 2016, the average weekly we install 1.2 bitcoin ATM machine. We hope to double this year.”

Bitcoin ATM machine Coinsource currently active in California, Louisiana, Missouri, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and Texas.

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