Copycat sniper currency bitcoin gold situation “embarrassed”?

Copycat sniper currency bitcoin gold situation “embarrassed”?

At the beginning of March, bitcoin once beat gold, triggered a hot debate on whether bitcoin or gold. After a month, a small, bitcoin imitator – Wright coins, but also can be said to be “copycat” version of bitcoin, to grab the limelight, since March 30th, Wright coins skyrocketing open mode, and the highest in April 7th rose to 65.5 yuan / month, less than ten days rose over 130%. For gold, before after bitcoin, Wright coins, and will be in what position?

Some bitcoin gradually stabilized, Wright currency prices doubled, rose over 130% to ten days

According to the domestic bitcoin trading platform btctrade display market, Wright coins from 27.9 yuan / March 30th, soaring all the way, in April 7th hit a two-year high of 65.5 yuan / month, or close to 135%. It is worth mentioning that, at the beginning of a few months before the surge, Wright coins almost no price volatility, most of the time in the 24 yuan / month near sideways.

Compared with Wright currency hurricane model, bitcoin prices appear stable many. Since April, the domestic bitcoin trading price in the floating up and down 7000 yuan.

To what Wright currency bitcoin seckill, behind the truth! *

Like bitcoin, Wright currency is a digital currency. It is understood that the bitcoin virtual currency is the earliest and most popular in the world, some businesses can pay with bitcoin, Wright currency is in addition to the virtual currency bitcoin most regular and most support. If the bitcoin as a “digital gold”, Wright currency is expected to become the “digital baiyin”.

The most glorious period is not now for Wright currency. Early in the second half of 2013, Wright coins once reached $48 (380 yuan).

Since February this year, Wright coins are in a infinite sideways state, the sudden outbreak of the early April exceeded 65 yuan / month, nearly two trading days appeared obvious retracement, about retracement of 10 yuan, as for what reasons in promoting Wright currency prices volatility, market analysts believe that the activation of isolation verification is probably the biggest reason. In April 1st, the largest in the field of Wright currency pool pond (F2Pool) – selective activation support isolated verification.

It is reported that, as of now Wright currency isolation witness support rate of 70%, the market value of a $140 million increase. However, some analysts said that another reason may be in addition to bitcoin traders into the market outside, trying to chase the possible benefits. Inspired by the Wright currency bitcoin, and has achieved the same principle in technology, Wright currency creation and transfer based on an open-source encryption protocol, without any central administration.

The emergence of Wright currency bitcoin is improved, compared with bitcoin, Wright currency has three significant differences: Wright currency (not network every 2.5 minutes 10 minutes) can handle a piece, so it can provide faster transaction confirmation.

Wright currency network expected output 84 million, is four times the amount of currency bitcoin network.

In the Wright currency work proof algorithm is used for the first time proposed by Colin Percival scrypt encryption algorithm, which compared to bitcoin, Wright coins were in common computer mining easier. Every coin Wright was divided into 100 million smaller units, defined by eight decimal places.

Some bitcoin is still attractive, Japan bitcoin settlement increased rapidly to the shop

The development of bitcoin, obviously better than the Wright currency. Because I can be deducted directly from consumer accounts bitcoin in use around the world, without the need for local currency, so in recent years to travel abroad with bitcoin settlement consumers gradually increased. Japan’s cabinet formally signed the “Payment Service Amendment Act” came into effect in April 1st, bitcoin virtual currency and other legal means of payment of recognition. The strengthening of the virtual currency trading rules, which eased bitcoin security concerns.

At present, Japan’s domestic support settlement bitcoin shop about 4500.

In addition, from July this year, buy virtual currency in Japan will no longer pay the consumption tax, is also regarded as a booster of bitcoin market expansion. But there are also people who believe that bitcoin price volatility, many people hold bitcoin is the purpose of speculation, so difficult as the settlement means of promotion.

Have you had before bitcoin, Wright coins, can really beat the gold? *

(pictured with bitcoin gold chart, the yellow line: gold ($/ oz); white: bitcoin ($/ a))

Bitcoin and the price of gold is really comparable? In fact, between gold and bitcoin not only what their relationship, and on behalf of the different categories of assets. For example, can not put bitcoin with gold as apples and oranges than. Many people may think that bitcoin is gold and currency, because they can be used for the purchase of goods and services. Or both are commodities, commodity futures trading because the need to meet the minimum standards of funds accounts, and comply with the relevant provisions of the futures and options contracts.

But gold is a commodity, bitcoin and block chain technology.

Despite the excellent bitcoin in the 2016 to early 2017, but the scale and depth of encryption currency market and $7 trillion in gold market compared to just pale into insignificance by comparison. Gold is still the only truly global currency, the scale and volatility of comparable currency. Bitcoin (or encryption currency itself) is the currency of the most exciting experiment in modern society.

Gold and coins of different units, compared with 1 coins and 1 ounces of gold price is a bit like the Seaboard shares in the company and the Apple Corp’s shares together compared, by comparing the shares it is concluded that Seaboard is the value of the company is 35 times of the Apple Corp. But obviously, if the market value calculation, Apple Corp is the world’s largest and most valuable companies, market capitalization is 126 times of Seaboard company.

The same basic principle also applies to currency. At present, the existing gold reserves of approximately $7 trillion, the number is more than the sum of all of the currency, and than bitcoin market capitalization of about $18 billion to high. In fact, all encryption currency (we recorded as 710) the market value of only $21 billion.

Bitcoin volatility than gold mostly, is not conducive to increasing. Generally, high volatility is not conducive to an asset value as a medium of exchange. We find that the volatility of gold (measured by the standard deviation) and currency roughly, in fact, even if the interest rate is included, gold than any currency to hedge. Bitcoin volatility significantly more than gold and currency. Although sometimes bitcoin volatility short time stability, even close to gold and money, but often will be in the near future and change.

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