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The concept of the Internet of Things (IoT) was first introduced in 1999, and its innovative concept centered around user experience, which better unites items, has long been considered a disruptive technology that changes the landscape of the world.n
However, traditional centralization and private IOT have the three major problems of cost, data value and privacy security. CPChain will deeply integrate Internet of Things with blockchain technology, reduce data interconnection cost, protect data privacy and improve data The value of three cut, to solve the pain point of the development of the industry. To put it simply, the material and information chain is an efficient carrier that connects the physical world and the network information world. The data comes from the real physical world, and the data value is imported into the physical system to realize the symbiotic co-prosperity between virtual economy and real economy.n

Three technical highlights, to achieve breakthrough innovationn
According to the development of the underlying technologies of the blockchain, Internet of Things and P2P networks, Wuxin Chain hopes to propose a systematic solution from two aspects of data storage and computing and consensus agreement to solve the problem that blockchain technology is applied to large-scale IoT systems Scalability and real-time bottlenecks, including key technologies such as parallel distributed storage and computing architecture, two-layer hybrid consensus mechanism and lightweight side-chain consensus protocol. The core feature of CPChain is to realize the transmission of the value of information and physical systems. Compared with other projects, CPChain has the characteristics of scalability, security and rapidity. From the aspect of scalability, at present, decentralized blockchain system requires the nodes of the whole network to operate on the same transaction (data), which has great drawbacks in terms of calculation and storage and can not give full play to the synergy of distributed network systems Ability, which can only follow the “barrel principle” and therefore not scalable. The information chain proposed the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčseparating the data layer from the control layer and constructed a parallel distributed storage architecture to enhance the scalability of the system. In addition, the object chain uses distributed encryption technology based on re-encryption and homomorphic encryption, which effectively solves the problem of data security in the sharing process of the Internet of Things. In terms of quickness, CPChain proposed a mechanism of double-layer consensus agreement, designed dynamic voting mechanism for dynamic committees, solved the problem of low throughput and high latency of the system, and enhanced data consistency and security.n

Blockchain and Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) combine to develop “trust” ecosystemn
ITS is a typical IoT application scenario that uses advanced IoT technologies and artificial intelligence technologies to enhance the interoperability among vehicles, roads and people, thereby reducing traffic congestion and pollution emissions and achieving safe, green and efficient travel. As a billions of IoT vertical business scenarios, its depth of intelligence facing the development of the Internet of things common problems. CPChain team innovatively combined the blockchain technology with Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) to realize a two-wheel drive and establish a common open platform for distributed IoT data sharing. Asymmetric information and uncertain environment Under to create a “trust” ecosystem that meets the large-scale development of the Internet of Things system. At present, CITIC Chain has reached deep cooperation with a number of outstanding blockchain communities, sharing a common vision at the application level and cross-complementing at the technical level to form a collaborative blockchain technology ecosystem.n
Multi-scene applications, promisingn
As a universal IoT data acquisition, storage, sharing and application platform, IMC can be widely used in industrial systems such as intelligent transportation, smart manufacturing and smart medical. The goal of the chain is to establish a common IoT data openness and sharing platform for real-time data flow. Take intelligent transportation as an example, to realize the acquisition and sharing of big data of transportation through the chain of information, such as constructing the incentive mechanism on the chain of materials and information, acquiring a large amount of real vehicle driving trajectories and driving data at low cost, boosting artificial intelligence and driverless Technology development; In addition, based on traffic data, driving behavior analysis can be conducted to provide users with customized value-added services such as safe driving assistance and personalized auto insurance customization. CPChain also realizes traffic real-time sharing and driving assistance. Through the CPChain vehicle, it can know the congestion status of the line in advance and more timely understand unexpected accidents. For unmanned vehicles, it can Add real-time traffic information to your driving strategy and get better control options and real-time adjustments.n

CPChain is a leader in the Internet of Things blockchainn
The chain research team is an international team with a complex knowledge structure and a dynamic young team. The founding team includes top talent from universities, the Internet of Things industry, financial securities firms and commercial operations with extensive experience in the Internet of Things and blockchain disciplines. Its vision is to construct a decentralized, distributed data acquisition, sharing and application platform for ubiquitous IoT to maximize the aggregated and real-time mobile value of IoT data assets, promote the deep integration of virtual economy and real economy, and promote symbiotic co-prosperity .n

Blockchain technology showed a blowout in 2017. Following the blockbuster projects such as Ethereum, EOS, Quantum, Gongxinbao, and Xiayin, CPChain innovatively integrated the Internet of Things with the blockchain By combining the characteristics of blockchain with peer equivalence, openness and transparency, secure communications, difficulty in tampering and multi-party consensus, blockchain technology will change the way things are developed and bring about changes in the Internet of Things. CPChain, a leader in the field of blockchain IoT, will unite the Internet of Things industry, the blockchain industry and people with knowledge in the financial field to explore the deep integration and large-scale development of the Internet of Things and the blockchain Out of a viable road.n
Below, attach a development roadmap for CPChainn

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