Craigslist Sellers may require customers to pay in encrypted currency

nRunaway Comment: Craigslist, a well-known US classified ad site, recently added a new feature that allows users to check the boxes that agree to cryptocurrency payments to explicitly show how they can accept payment. This feature also makes it easier for buyers to find sellers who accept cryptocurrencies to more effectively facilitate transactions on the site. This service reflects the site to consider new customer needs, very humane.n
nTranslation: Inan
Craigslist, an online classified ad site, has added a feature that allows users to describe themselves accepting encrypted currency payments.n
Although users of the site could previously indicate in their posts that they accept bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, they can now be promoted more directly by ticking the checkbox in “cryptocurrency ok”.n
Reddit first discovered this on December 7, posted a post to discuss the matter, but details of the cryptocurrency accepted required communication between buyers and sellers.n
For the moment, this feature seems relatively open, allowing buyers and sellers to negotiate on their own whether to accept cryptocurrencies and by which means.n
We do not know when this feature was launched. The news started to spread via social networks on December 7. Craigslist did not respond immediately to our request for comment.n
In addition, Craigslist users can also filter search results by choosing whether the seller accepts cryptocurrencies.n
Founded in 1995, Craigslist publishes 80 million ads per month (including repeated postings and updates). According to Alexa, Craigslist is the 16th most popular website in the United States and the 106th in the world. The emergence of these new features has significant implications for the site, although not significant.n

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