Crazy bitcoin, more than 50000 dollars! Under the epidemic situation, there is speculation everywhere

If you can go back to ten years ago, did you buy a house in Beijing? Or bitcoin? The answer, no doubt, is bitcoin. In 2010, bitcoin was only $0.0025. Today, bitcoin prices have broken through the $50000 mark. Over the past decade, the price of bitcoin has risen by an astonishing 20.8 million times. In contrast, from 2010 to now, Beijing’s housing price growth is only a few times. Recently, Wang Xing, founder of meituan, said on the social platform that bitcoin founder Nakamoto Nakamoto may be the real richest man in the world (theoretically). So the question is: bitcoin, why is it so crazy? To make bitcoin clear, first of all, you should throw out specific technical concepts such as blockchain and digital currency, and regard bitcoin as a commodity that can hedge risks. Since 2017, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange officially launched bitcoin futures, bitcoin prices began to run like wild horses. Moreover, bitcoin has many gold characteristics, for example, it has a negative correlation with the US dollar index, making bitcoin an investment product to hedge against US dollar risk. The global reserves of gold are fixed, and bitcoin is only 21 million. In fact, a careful observation of the development history of bitcoin shows that the trend of bitcoin is not much different from that of gold for a long time. Because of this, bitcoin, like gold, can also be used to hedge some investment risks. In 2020, in order to alleviate the economic development pressure under the epidemic situation. Loose monetary policy has been offered all over the world to ensure economic development. “Big water release” was a basic tone of global monetary policy last year. In particular, the United States, the largest economy, directly lowered interest rates to zero. In addition, many people are worried about the financial risks caused by the oversupply of the US dollar and have turned their attention to bitcoin. Moreover, according to Soros’s reflexivity theory, the worry itself is also creating a new bubble. It is likely that many people take advantage of the global distrust and worry about the US dollar to push the price of bitcoin soaring. At the end of the day, bitcoin’s soaring price is still hyped. And because of the global flood, both institutions and retail investors have enough ammunition to speculate. Some time ago, the retail investors in the US stock market have gathered together, which is a typical example. On February 8, foreign media disclosed that Tesla has purchased $1.5 billion of bitcoin, and will probably support car buyers to use bitcoin to pay. The news released by Tesla and musk also boosted the rise of bitcoin during this period. We should know that musk has always been in the public view with the image of “anti tradition”. Bitcoin, on the other hand, is on the front line against traditional currencies. All of these have helped to increase the price of bitcoin, but the greater the ups and downs, the greater the risk and the greater the profit. It’s very likely to get rich overnight, or lose everything overnight. Ordinary people, or not to participate.

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