Czech exhibition held in mid May bitcoin bitcoin industry development of hardware and software and discuss industry

Czech exhibition held in mid May bitcoin bitcoin industry development of hardware and software and discuss industry

In May 19th, Czech Republic will host bits of software and hardware industry exhibition in the capital of rmb. The activity is as a part of BlockchainBitcoinConferencePrague organization, the new technology exhibition dedicated to the development and display of bitcoin blockchain.

Bitcoin sponsor is Smile-Expo. The team are Czech Republic, Estonia, Russia and Ukraine bitcoin industry to carry out special activities. Before the Smile-Expo bitcoin conference held in Moscow on April 19th, at that time brings together 30 bitcoin speakers and 750 participants.

HashCoins is one of the leading bitcoin mining machine manufacturers, in the bitcoin exhibition presents block chain technology hardware development based on the results of the latest. The brand to provide bitcoin mining machine and competition bitcoin mining machine equipment and hundreds of thousands of popular, and opened the famous website. Company representatives will showcase its bitcoin mining machine hardware in the activity, and introduces the remote access service mining equipment.

The founder of block chain company, it is important to activate the participation of the masses and activity. For such companies, the bitcoin exhibition will provide a distributed service platform of Waves. In addition to raise public projects and publish electronic currency value, the platform also allows users to trade and exchange of assets based on block chain technology.

SuperNET is another will be introduced in the bitcoin show business services. It is as the intermediary between the block chain developer platform. In other words, the user can freely access the blockchain innovation project is not affected by all in one place.

Aulis (Aureusrepresentatives) will tell visitors how to earn dividends from participation in capital financiers. Based on the block chain block, Venus data encryption “encryption” assets depends not only on the field, but also depends on the real sector of the world economy.

The stock exchange department by Solvena business platform as the bitcoin Exhibition on display. The company has traders, trading robots and software trading team, for digital currency transactions specified.

On behalf of the banking sector as Polybius bank. The company will be introduced in the ecological system of the banking industry in the electronic passport, which includes service businesses and individual customers.

Data protection and confidentiality of the subject will be presented in the CrypviserGmbH booth. On behalf of the company will talk about large corporations and government use reliable and advanced encryption system and network security standard.

In addition to bitcoin exhibition, Prague BlockchainBitcoinConference also held a participation by the company on behalf of the conference cryptocurrencies. The speaker will block chain as the foundation, the new service development and propose promotion, analysis of legislative problems.

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