Czech’s largest payment gateway GoPay accept bitcoin

Czech’s largest payment gateway GoPay accept bitcoin


The Czech Republic 克首都布拉格自称是欧洲最重要的比特币枢纽之一。 Recently, the local leading payment gateway announced that they have joined the ranks of bitcoin payment, and bitcoin startups BitcoinPay cooperation in Czech, providing digital currency payment services for more than 2000 businesses.

Gopay customer service manager Roman Valenta (RomanValenta) told Cointelegraph:

“We have our payment gateway payment is to add a new try, this is also why we choose bitcoin. We feel that there is a greater interest in the payment, and not just in a particular market, people want to be able to get the most convenient payment.”

Bitcoin payments faster, more convenient, more global. AlirezaBeikverdi founder Bitholla said, the difference between traditional banks and innovative technologies is also charges, Bitholla is a P2P mobile payment application.

President of the Slovenia Association of JurePirc said bitcoin:

“Czech bitcoin community and the market is very active, the use of bitcoin rate in the country is quite large, so the GoPay accept bitcoin payment behavior is of great significance for Czech bitcoin market, will provide bitcoin payment options for existing businesses on its platform”.

According to JurePirc said in Czech, in Czech to buy bitcoin is easy, because the country currently has more than 9 bitcoin ATM machine, in addition, there are more than 8000 lottery terminals and postal institutions bitcoin distribution points. Now gopay has also added bitcoin payments, the people of Czech have a new way to use bitcoin.”

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