Daniel industry face to face: to teach you to play to earn bitcoins

Daniel industry face to face: to teach you to play to earn bitcoins

In 2009, Nakamoto bitcoin proposed concept, can be in any one Internet computer management, anyone can buy, sell or collect, mining bitcoin. Because it does not depend on the specific design of the issuer, and the use of cryptography to ensure the money circulation safety, bitcoin virtual currency and its similar gradually Jianli status in the capital market.

Since the introduction of China, bitcoin value soared, whether people to trade or investment, have led to the development of bitcoin. From a certain level, bitcoin is more or less impact on the trend of the capital market Chinese.

How to play the role of bitcoin in Chinese characteristics in the capital market?

Hold what attitude contrasts the domestic bitcoin policy?

Bitcoin development in Chinese to be?

March 23rd, invited the cradle Yajie chamber of Commerce programme, bitcoin trading network founder and CEO Aj, founder of Mr. Zhang Shousong came to the club, the principle of profound interpretation of bitcoin and the blockchain, taught you how to earn a digital currency!

The guests:

Tai Wan

Bitcoin trading network CEO

Graduated from the computer department of Northeastern University, has worked at Microsoft Asia Research Institute, Alibaba, 15 year old began to create a website, more than 10 years of Internet experience, was the founder of the second major domestic group purchase navigation site that fold, founded at the beginning of 2013 bitcoin trading network, only half of the time, the transaction amounted to 1 billion yuan, has repeatedly been CCTV and other domestic and foreign media reports.

Bitcoin trading network: Http://www.btctrade.com/

Bitcoin trading network ( BtcTrade.com Founded in) Two thousand and thirteen year Four July, is one of the earliest Chinese bitcoin trading platform in the world, Two hundred Many countries and regions have more than Fifty Million registered members, in addition to the global customers to provide a stable, safe and convenient bitcoin transactions, also support the Wright coins, gold coins and coin dog daily transactions, the transaction amounted to more than Five Billion yuan.


Short Three In time, bitcoin trading network to become the first professional based bitcoin trading platform Chinese, global services, and has an important voice in the digital currency industry? What is the experience worth learning and imitation in the operation and management, technology, marketing strategy and user maintenance?


Three month Twenty-three Meet, exchange club founder Zhang Yajie, listen to your road to the total.

Activity time: March 23, 2016 14:00-16:00

Venue: Aj, founder of the club (Haidian District Zhongguancun Venture Street North Hao sea floor two floor)

Activity schedule: 13:30-14:00 sign

14:00-15:30 share

15:30-16:00 interactive Q & A

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