Danish police said in the tracking of bitcoin breakthrough

Danish police said in the tracking of bitcoin breakthrough

According to local reports, the Danish police claimed to have developed a bitcoin transaction tracking software, successfully found the drug crime.

The news report, a new toolkit enables the Danish law enforcement personnel to promote the digital currency related case investigation. The Danish National Police cybercrime Center (NC3, DanishNationalPoliceCyberCrimeCenter) is responsible for the development of tracking software department.

Reported that the new breakthrough of NC3 attracted FBI (FBI) and Interpol (Interpol) attention.

In this case, the Danish people through the dark network market to buy a lot of methamphetamine, ketamine and cocaine, by mail transport narcotics. The authorities intercepted these parcels before receiving the defendant.

Then according to the mailing address to track bitcoin transactions.


NC3 said the person in charge KimAarenstrup:

“At this point, our place in the world is very unique, because no one else is the successful use of these trajectories as evidence. In this area, everyone is concerned about Denmark, we are in close dialogue with many countries, so that we can find further methods, teach them how to do”.

According to public records, as early as 2015, digital currency and its application in criminal activities has been a strategic threat to the Danish police attention.

Officials said a year of assessment of concern, said the technology can make money laundering cover up the sources of funding, and in a more complex structure of the criminal strict outside operation.

Experts have long been in the promotion of bitcoin anonymity, means that the network identity is bound to the address, but not the name or other personal information. The transaction tracking fears the world started to pay attention to protect the privacy of the currency market.

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