Dare not say that bitcoin will because if it is no longer a stride forward singing militant songs, fall down

Since bitcoin prices hit the lowest this year, finally ushered in the three consecutive days of rally, and no one to analyze why the rebound, no big jump out of assertions that the bull market is about to open, yes, everyone is very careful.

30 days from more than $6000 now fell to nearly $3000, regardless of whether it is caused by the decline of BCH bifurcation are not important, after all, the industry has no one wants to see the whole market The doldrums .

If bitcoin really died, then the block chain can survive? There is no answer to this question, most people don’t want to know the answer.

Fortunately, people are beginning to realize the quality of argument bitcoin has no meaning, no clean water to fish. Only hold different can promote the development of the industry.

Former International Monetary Fund economist and senior trader Mark Dow had the Faroe risk at the highest point of bitcoin value 19511 dollars When the magic predicted bitcoin will not continue to maintain growth, prices will fall, after the start of short.

Short and continued for more than a year, until December 18th, Dow was announced on Twitter to stop bitcoin short. Although he did not give answers to the next situation, but this represents the consensus of the elite, is a hand.

Dow successfully completed a year long short record, there are many well-known figures ever wanted to bitcoin short is not made, such as Bill Gates .

In May 7th this year, Bill Gates said in an interview with CNBC. “If there is a simple method, I will sell (bitcoin).” He also believes that as a kind of assets, bitcoin does not have any value, so do not expect it will rise, it is simply “ Bo silly theory “.

Even someone once gave him bitcoin as a birthday gift, a few years after the Gates put it behind all.

Master of the world’s wealth, not only is Gates, another famous figure Buffett Do not look at the bitcoin.

During May 5th of this year’s Berkshire Hathaway shareholders’ meeting, Buffett and his sidekick Munger ruthlessly attacked the encrypted digital currency bitcoin led.

Buffett in the first shareholders’ meeting began during the said bitcoin may be like “rat poison”, and later in the shareholders’ meeting session reiterated that the forecast in January of this year: “the encrypted digital currency will not have a good end.”

Like Gates, Buffett also believes that the money belongs to encryption” Without the increase of social wealth assets “He thinks the value of bitcoin depends on more and more people enter, holder can buy low and sell high. And he believes that encryption monetary areas tend to attract many swindlers”.

In January 10th this year, in addition to that cryptocurrencies will end in tragedy, Buffett also said he would never hold any digital currency. If you can give all the encrypted currency five years to buy put options, he is willing to do.

Munger said last year at the end of 11, bitcoin is crazy bubble, but bad ideas, not through their own efforts to lure people think you can get great wealth. This is the most do not consider the matter, is completely insane.” He thinks, You should avoid it like the plague .

As you can see, the top figure of traditional industry basically bitcoin is the attitude of the opposition. So in this for nearly a year down cycle, many people left the block chain industry, of course there are those who adhere to.

Although the heart and stick to look forward to rise, but in fact already on the market this fall numb, the rebound is not enough to let everyone believe that the overall situation reversed, everyone just quietly watching, who are afraid of it fell again.

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