DDT internal restaurant support bitcoin payment in September last year has been installed bitcoin ATM machine

DDT internal restaurant support bitcoin payment in September last year has been installed bitcoin ATM machine

Recently, DDT LLP announced a branch in Canada, they are located in Toronto Canada office inside the restaurant now begin to accept bitcoin payments. The restaurant named Bistro1858.

DDT Canada inside the restaurant provides bitcoin payment

Bistro1858 is a company dedicated to providing services for employees of DDT and DDT customers inside the restaurant. The choice of restaurant bitcoin wallet company Bitpay to provide bitcoin payment processing service. Surprisingly, the accounting firm DDT does not have its own bitcoin wallet. The company co-founder IlianaOrisValiente Bitpay said “has a lot of excellent bitcoin wallet, we can use them to obtain a, so we think there is no need to apply for a new bitcoin wallet address.”

Bistro1858 restaurant offers no discount service for the payment of bitcoin customers or other special preferential policy.

Our employees are encouraged to share the news with their customers, and entertain them in the dining Bistro1858.” According to Valiente.

“Many senior staff from DDT LLP expressed interest, they are willing to use bitcoins to buy lunch and breakfast in the Bistro1858 restaurant. In the autumn of last year we installed a bitcoin ATM machine, it can show how many people will start using bitcoin payment. We expect the next few months, the use of bitcoin payment users will continue to grow.”

Last September, as one of the world’s four largest consulting firm DDT group installed a bitcoin ATM machine. Toronto Office of the bitcoin ATM machine in Canada, operated by the block chain team of Rubix company.

DDT has installed a bitcoin ATM machine in September last year

According to Coinatmradar, the use of bitcoin ATM machine to buy bitcoin fee of 4%, the sale of bitcoin does not need poundage. The use of bitcoin ATM machine requires the user to provide mobile phone number and ID number, the daily limit is $100 per person.

Valiente said: “as a block chain technology to large-scale implementation of the most successful, bitcoin has been the topic of discussion is DDT and customers.”

“In the autumn of last year when we install the bitcoin ATM, we received a lot from the internal request of the company, they hope bitcoin brought inside the restaurant…… With the change and development of the bitcoin industry, we hope that it can continue to bring new valuable initiatives for our company and the customer.”

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