DDT open source Ethernet square smart identity platform

DDT open source Ethernet square smart identity platform

Please submit the identity certificate “this is a world that the immigrants and tourists shiver all over though not cold words.

The government and the enterprise can prove who abuse the historical records to generate revenue. But with distributed technology books, Private Held Company for the first time with this capability.

One company is one of the big four accounting firms DDT, today announced plans to open it in the open source Ethernet square smart identity platform.

In CoinDesk and in the conversation, the most logical step DDT digital UK CTO explains why his company decided that the open source, so far in the field of research of identity chain block.

MikeRobinson told CoinDesk:

“The key factor of success is the large-scale application of large scale, we believe that there is no consensus, an organization can have it.”

DDT has yet to disclose the relevant details of the smart identity platform open source agreement, but Robinson says the purpose is to allow the platform to free and easy to use.

DDT will ultimately determine the open source protocol, and now smart identity related to the code has not been released on the Github page.

Smart identity

At present, the smart identity platform consists of three parts: personal identity creation, institutional identity creation and analysis.

In the presentation, the user receives three key to log on. Each one can allow users to access different services. For example, to allow the user after landing key access to the platform, and the encryption key to allow users to receive information, and finally the etheric Fang account key allows users to write smart contracts.

The identity itself is complete many attributes in the contract on the existing Ethernet Intelligent workshop created. These properties include a birth certificate, driver’s license or passport. After that, the intelligent hash value will contract as the identity of the user.

At this stage, authorized agencies such as the United States Department of motor vehicles or Swiss road traffic office can decide whether to set the account authorization document.

The terms of the contract so that these institutions can intelligent tracking certificate integral or when accumulated too many points can revoke the certificate. In addition, when the certificate is revoked, the user is notified, and the revocation may affect his holding bank accounts for authentication.

At present, the smart contracts are hash encryption, resulting in very few personal solutions, the British director AlexanderShelkovnikov block chain hope DDT can provide such services.

After each individual field will allow users to hash encryption, can open or close the identity information.

“The smart identity, people can completely control their identity, and can control the sharing of their identity information to anyone,” said Shelkovnikov.

Once you create the identity and verification, analysis platform will let users to accurately track which institutions can see his identity, and to meet the terms of service.

“They can create their identities in the block chain, and they add documents and share them in a more secure way,” Shelkovnikov continued.

Create identity

DDT is the first British team in January this year will be the blockchain identity as a potentially valuable service.

According to afford technical architect AndyLoughran, at the end of January, a team of two extended to more developers, the European blockchain team and joined DDT greater.

But DDT does not want to recover the investment in the field of identity.

On the contrary, CTOMikeRobinson said the company hopes to help customers create more advanced charge control new identity.

“Our goal is to make the smart identity is widely available,” Robinson said. “Then we hope to help customers solve problems.”

To achieve this, DDT internal coordination and standardization needs a lot of work to ensure the maximum efficiency, he said.

Therefore, in Portugal’s Network Summit, DDT is expected to officially out of certificate authority of public institutions and private enterprises to contribute to the project.

Create a consensus

Potential enterprises have created similar products, including Shocard, Consensys uPort and Blockstack Onename in the lab.

However, these competitors are unlikely to give up their own efforts, there is reason to believe that the entire ecosystem may benefit from increased collaboration.

In March, the blockchain “blockchain” business consultant and author of WilliamMougayar block chain identity field research predicted that fragmentation will hinder the social benefits of technology.

“Block” chain innovation author DonTapscott also supports the view that that competitors should consider sharing their ability to compete at a higher level.

Tapscott concluded:

“The open source model is more meaningful, because the identity is almost all core affairs and human related. The open source model can help ensure the best and most unique concept for the project.”

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