De Lajianuofu petko: bitcoin $200 billion daily trading volume of concern

De Lajianuofu petko: bitcoin $200 billion daily trading volume of concern

According to earlier reports, CoinTelegraph have the opportunity to interview some gathered at the St Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF) senior officials, they get a word or two about bitcoin 22-24 held the meeting, May.
This time, our reporter Egor Shadursky interviewed Petko Draganov, UNCTAD (United Nations Conference on Trade and development) deputy secretary general, asked him what he thought of the rise of encryption currency, and its influence on the global economy.
“[i] to have no interest in encryption currency. Today, bitcoin didn’t make me feel what is out of the ordinary. I care about the world economy is Chinese will increase 8%, 7% or 6%?… Is the United States will increase 3 or 2%? The price of oil will be 110 or 90 dollars? No problem and I will answer the bitcoin. “
When asked what reflects the general position of Fellow Deputies bitcoin, Mr Dragan Andrianof admitted that the encryption currency outside the topic in his field of interest. However, when asked about what it takes to get bitcoin major institutions (such as the United Nations), politicians and global economic concerns, the United Nations recognized:
“Maybe, if bitcoin is the world currency trading 10%. Because of the global foreign exchange trading volume on the $2 trillion, so you need to focus on the daily trading volume of $170 billion in currency. You need to see the world economy is $75 trillion. And you told me that 12000 billion worth of bitcoin…… It was incredible.”

Complete audio here: Petko Draganov @ SPIEF

“I’m not in this year, next year or the year after to pay attention to it,” Mr. Dragan Andrianof said lightly, when asked when may pay attention to, he admitted that love has some “smart people pay more attention to bitcoin than he”.
Other representatives of the view is similar, they admit heard encryption monetary phenomenon, but did not show much interest or enthusiasm.
“[Finland] is not prohibited, encryption currency there,” Thomas Palmgren, Finland Business Association experts, the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) member, Oy Forcit Ab, a member of the board of directors, “I think bitcoin will continue to grow, as long as the security problems, such as the money lost such things (Translator: hackers stealing coins, money exchange things).”
Although most of the participants admit that they have little knowledge of bitcoin, but the word bitcoin seems to spread rapidly in. Perhaps in the near future, not as a representative of the attitude of a contemptuous disregard cryptocurrencies. There is no doubt that bitcoin is still a long way to go, but as Mr. Dragan Andrianof said, watershed reached 10% of the daily trading volume of $200 billion in total or crypto currency? If the prediction result is true, then I will be the first in the SPIEF online that Mr. Dragan Andrianof pays attention to the future of the people of course is concerned about the future of bitcoin.

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