December, bitcoin jumped 14% over $3600, bitcoin or usher in a rebound!

Concerns about global regulators strict bitcoin mechanism and encryption currency market in crypto currency investors because consensus is inconsistent, resulting in bitcoin fall this year. As of November 2018 has fallen by more than 80%, but in 2018 17, bitcoin was up to $3609, and the 15 day low of $3156.18 in stark contrast, rose about 14%, some analysts believe that bitcoin is expected to rebound in December, “Santa claus”.

According to the “Marketwatch” data, compared with the bitcoin price of 17 and 15 day low of $3156.18, rose to $3609, or about 14%, and the workshop are etheric reboxetine currency rise, money ring reporter Billy Bambrough reports that this rally caused the market expectations, Bitcoin may end this year’s decline in December, the so-called “Santa Claus rebound in the last 1 weeks before the new year”.

Bambrough said that despite the recent bitcoin prices also hit the currency circle of confidence, but some encryption currency investors anxiously waiting for the market bottom, although it is unclear is the cause of bitcoin 17 rebound, but the 17 day is just bitcoin price reached $19 thousand last year, the 1st anniversary anniversary of the rally it appeared after the bitcoin market lost $700 billion.

Bambrough said the bitcoin bitcoin rebound, will ease the bulls and the crypto currency believers anxiety, let these cryptocurrencies supporters tried to collapse in the market to maintain optimism, and that they have to wait for the bear market funds through.

The good news of other encryption currency, including bitcoin transaction processing company BitPay CEO Stephen Pair recently told investors that other encryption currency bitcoin applications will be available within 3 to 5 years; financial technology start-up companies Circle CEO said, after the recent price decline, coins, coins and reboxetine currency (Ethernet XRP) is expected to appear oversold situation.

This time, 17:00 PM Beijing time, bitcoin dollar exchange rate of 1 bitcoin exchange $3498.79.

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