Despite Kosovo’s central bank warned that the first bitcoin ATM machine put into use

Despite Kosovo’s central bank warned that the first bitcoin ATM machine put into use


Soon issued a warning at the European Central Bank bitcoin digital currency, Kosovo appeared signs of the use of bitcoin, including the first bitcoin ATM machine.

The first bitcoin ATM machine put into use in Kosovo

This week, according to local media reports, the first bitcoin ATM machine (BTM) has been built in Kosovo in the balkans. The newspaper said Telegrafi:

“The ATM is expected to some of the most commonly used virtual currency will be provided, such as coins, coins, Ethernet to bitcoin, Wright coins and coin dog. Kosovo is one of the use of virtual currency ATM 57 countries in the world in the country.”

According to reports, this machine is operated by AlbvisionGroup, it has been placed in the capital of Kosovo is the largest city in the center of the Pritina. The group was founded in 2000 in Kosovo, currently has 54 employees. The group provides professional and strategic services, and conduct business in the field of information and security systems, banking, energy and telecommunications etc.. According to Coinatmradar, “in QytezaPejton, Str, LorencAntoni31, Kosovo were placed in the machine.”

The producer GeneralBytes said, this two-way bitcoin ATM machine is the two types of BATM, it has the best price on the market ATM”.

The company said, initially only bitcoin transactions, but the company plans to increase again in the future 10 kinds of encryption currency, and worldwide has about 500 machines.

The central bank warned

In a bitcoin ATM news released recently, the Central Bank of Kosovo issued a warning to the citizens in the country to use digital currency statement. The central bank said last month:

“The use of virtual currencies such as bitcoin because of the lack of supervision, the legal risk may cause financial losses. All potential users of virtual currency have been told that there is no mechanism can ensure the compensation for losses in Kosovo.”

According to the news website FolDrejt! The reports, some commercial banks such as TEB bank and Raiffeisen bank also announced that digital currency can not be traded. Raiffeisen bank IlirjanaTahiraj told the media, the banks do not accept bitcoin transfers.

Bitcoin promote economic growth

At the same time, although the central bank warned that the commercial bank also refused to digital currency transactions, but in Kosovo, bitcoin’s interest is still rising sharply. FolDrejt! The website said: “more and more people begin to bitcoin interest, this trend did not stop.”

According to Kosovo customs spokesman AdriatikStavileci said in 2017, Kosovo imported 800 thousand euros worth of equipment, these devices are used in the production and assembly of bitcoin. Then the news media quoted him as saying:

“Customs these products as computer components, in addition to it than other graphics graphics more advanced and more expensive, so we have been tracking the situation of imported equipment.”

DiteGashi is the chief technology officer of bitcoin blockchain and consulting firm Bitsapphire and co-founder, he expressed the greatest concern for bitcoin. He said, it is difficult to find the card in the Kosovo market, but also because the value of bitcoin changes at any time, so bitcoin investment also has a certain degree of uncertainty.

The magazine wrote: “for digital currency legalization, he said that they maintain the unregulated state in a period of time is also very good.”

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