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Written by Lautaro Dragan, a core development member of, this article details’s technical details.n
At the time of’s release, we had the vision to build a secure, stable system that could be used to manage the ownership of digital assets, and we wanted the platform to be easy to use and easy for programmers to develop. We firmly believe that the core value of the platform lies in the various types of media DApp built on the protocol. However, planning and implementing a software architecture that matches our vision requires a significant amount of work. The structure of the software stack structures need a lot of analysis and experiment, but also need to be careful about the application of specific scenarios. This article will analyze three main components of technology stack how to better integrate the various parts together with some applications agreement to start a specific discussion.n
n’s three-tier architecturen
Application layern
The application layer covers a set of tools that users need to register for content and manage ownership information through This typically includes all user-facing applications, such as CMS integration, content wallets, and many interfaces built around
One of the main tools is’s WordPress plugin. This plugin will allow any user to timestamp content in WordPress; WordPress itself is by far the world’s most popular content management system (CMS), which accounts for 30% of the global web site. In this way, any user who uses WordPress can register their content on the network through the plugin.n also provides a block browser, similar to, where anyone can easily search for content registered on the platform and search for each element that corresponds to it Data to determine how to redistribute the content.n
Middleware layern
At the same time, provides developers with some of the resources that developers can use to integrate tools and services on the platform. These tools will serve as a bridge between the user-oriented application and the protocol.n
The most widely used of these resources will be Frost. Frost is an open, RESTful API that allows applications to interact with the network without the need for a private key infrastructure. The purpose of our development of Frost is to allow content publishers to easily connect to the network with time-stamp data by using their username and password. With Frost, the core component, is not only secure but also easy to use.n
In addition to the Frost API, we provide developers with code libraries that give developers ways to create and sign claims in their programs. We currently plan to develop JavaScript and PHP libraries for
Protocol layern
The protocol layer is made up of’s technology for connecting blockchain and is at the core of the data and registration claims.n
The protocol layer includes Nodes, a program responsible for recording timestamp data on the blockchain. Timestamp data will be stored via IPFS. For further clarification of protocol layer functionality, read “ Development Weekly – New Start-Up Node 2.0″n currently uses the Bitcoin blockchain to timestamp the content, but if necessary, we will support more chains based on future developments. The reason we currently choose the Bitcoin blockchain is that it is primarily based on proof of workload, which can make the cost of rewriting or modifying data very high.n

How programmers develop on the platformn
The team is developing applications that make it easy for anyone to register and manage content on the network. At the same time, emphasizes scalability when it was first designed, and we want the community to take full advantage of the protocol to create other applications.n
For example, developers can use the middleware layer library to create a digital content wallet for content creators to allow content creators to view and manage their work. This will be a good application of application layer technology. Similarly, programmers can use the middleware layer to develop an iOS SDK for Po.etk, and then build the corresponding iOS application through the SDK.n
n application casen
When specific applications, these tools and application layer above will be reflected in the following industries, they include:n
nDigital Media Publishing Industry. Nowadays copying and pasting someone else’s digital creations to another computer is easy, but protecting the content owner’s rights and ensuring that the work actually owns is very difficult. provides a solution that protects ownership and ownership by querying anyone anywhere, by recording this data in the blockchain. When you sign up for content on the network using the WordPress plugin, anyone who wants to repost the content can easily and easily determine its permissions, attributions, and associated repayment charges (if applicable) . In addition, developers can use the Frost or JavaScript and PHP plug-ins to integrate into a custom content management system.’s model supports the traditional digital publishing workflow and also supports a decentralized content market model.n
nnNews Industry. The Internet is full of all kinds of news reports. It is by no means easy for good journalists to get rid of silt and get the right compensation. solves these problems. By using the WordPress plug-in or custom apps that leverage Frost, journalists can easily register and launch their creations, create customized redistribution licenses and build innovative payment structures to truly enforce their ownership of the work.n
nnFont license. The formatting of the content is also an important part of our daily consumption of digital content. However, the use of many fonts violates the corresponding license terms. In addition, the current use of fonts compels designers to sign licensing treaties with central agencies that store and distribute fonts. Now, designers can use nodes to store fonts directly on the blockchain in a distributed fashion. also supports custom font licensing.n
nThese are just some of the main applications of Because of the open-source and scalable nature of the platform, there is boundless potential for resolving all types of problem-solving related to ownership and management of digital content.n
We are working hard to develop the above important components. For more information on project development status and future plans, check out our road map, follow us on Twitter, and stay in touch with us in the WeChat, TelePresence, and more.n
n official website: Po.etn Twitter: Telegram Group: WeChat community manager: blockchainstudion

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