Digital currency and block chain under the new economic blueprint will be?

Digital currency and block chain under the new economic blueprint will be?

Along with other digital currency bitcoin frequently in recent years, stir the market, as the underlying technology “blockchain is gradually in the financial sector to fame.

As one of the earliest launch technology to support bitcoin formation and circulation, one of the basic protocol block chain has now been regarded as the next generation Internet value. The Ministry of the letter released “white paper to guide our soft Chinese block chain technology and application development (2016)” pointed out that the block chain has the advantages of high reliability, simplified process, transaction tracking, cost savings, reduce errors and improve the data quality and other characteristics, with the reconstruction finance infrastructure to solve the payment field potential; and information management, securities, clearing, settlement, user identification etc. pain points.

Jingdong’s former vice president Li Xuyong believes that the blockchain will be based on the continuous development of Internet technology has become the future of currency. To block chain technology as the basis for the settlement and clearing, will improve the efficiency of the global financial system, make the process more efficient and transparent, and reduce the cost and improve the safety factor.

What exactly is the block chain?

A narrow sense, it is a kind of a kind of data structure chain data blocks to sequentially connected modes according to time sequence, and to ensure the cryptology can not be altered and unforgeable distributed books.

Broadly speaking, block chain technology is used to verify and store data, using the distributed consensus algorithm to generate and update data, the use of cryptography to ensure data transmission and access security, the use of intelligent contract composed of automated script code to the programming and operation data of a new distributed computing paradigm and infrastructure using block chain data structure.

We can also consider the block chain imaging Internet is another kind of things — a comprehensive information technology, layer column technology, for any form of property registration, application of inventory and transaction types, including each area of finance, economy and currency; hard assets (assets, house, car) intangible assets; (votes, creativity, reputation, intention, health data, information, etc.). But the blockchain concept more than this; it is found that the amount of transfer of assets assessment, all things (discrete element) is a kind of new organizational paradigm, than previously possible more large-scale coordination of all human activities.

We may be in the dawn of time, the revolution started on the Internet the edge of a new economy, a called bitcoin alternative currency, it does not rely on a central authority to issue and support, but by adding the consensus of network users autonomous operation. It is the one and only, however, based on this reality, it does not require mutual trust between users. Self management through the system of rules, try to cheat the system any malicious behavior will not be accepted. It is important that block chain technology can become the network never been seamlessly embedded in economy. Block chain technology, as a decentralized model, may be the future of the destructive World Computing Model Technology (based on the host, PC, Internet, and social networks, like the Internet / mobile phone) before doing a reconstruction of human activity potential.

Digital currency referred to as DIGICCY, is a form of electronic currency currency substitution. Digital coins and currency are digital currency code. It is not completely equal to the virtual currency in the virtual world, because it is often used for the transaction of real goods and services, and not just in the virtual space of network game etc..

Unlimited number of spatial scalability, infinite replicability, multidimensional plasticity, may mean that there will be the development of wealth, in which, these new forms of wealth is digital assets. In addition to digital currency, stocks, bonds and foreign digital digital digital assets range, much more than that, including all the digital assets, such as patent, copyright, creativity, knowledge of cultural assets credit.

Digital asset transaction types are the following, first, the traditional financial assets, such as bonds, stocks, this is the digital assets; and the second, is the mature of digital assets, domain name, account number; third, it is now all in the promotion of asset securitization in digital currency after forming the system, the securities will be replaced by the model of exchange rate; fourth, it is a shared economy, such as taxi drops trading car seat; fifth minutes, is the Communist society mentioned, labor is the only human needs, it is an exchange of intelligence and cognition.

So, how will the cognitive digital? This is related to the value of trading patterns, so the traders need to first pricing.

For example, now you go to dinner at a restaurant, you will fill in the online evaluation of and feelings of the restaurant to the hotel, and you received, how much money? If you encounter a ever-young Hotel, that is a big secret, so there is no doubt that this comment is very valuable. You. If I were you, I met this hotel, I think I would all buy the hotel, or keep the secret.

So, the pricing process of digital is you quickly use the RMB to buy his own this great cognitive, complete real digital.

A few years ago, people through the exchange of public comment is the cognition of cognition, using the Internet to spread, this is a typical form of future digital assets.

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