Digital currency bitcoin virtual test run, really into the future?

Digital currency bitcoin virtual test run, really into the future?


Although bitcoin because of its anonymity, completely to the center of the “advantages”, once sought after, but the concept of “virtual currency” and “virtual currency” is completely different.

Following the people’s Bank of China China push to test the success of the blockchain digital instrument based trading platform, research on digital Monetary Institute will also be formally China, the central bank will become the world’s first digital currency issue and carry out the real application of the central bank. A message that is reminiscent of the beginning of the second half of 2016 to stir the “virtual currency” – bitcoin.

Bitcoin situation contrary to the “monetary function” in mind

Bitcoin is a virtual currency, once in three or four years ago, because of price fluctuations and into the public view. In November 17, 2013, bitcoin rose to $1216.73, even more than the price per ounce of gold. Later, because of the uncertainty and volatility of delivery bitcoin trading platform, continue to be illegal use, and heavily regulated by governments, or even ban, resulting in bitcoin prices fell, fell below $100, compared with the highest point by 92%.

However, from the beginning of the second half of the year 2016 disappeared for several days, bitcoin prices began to rise, especially at the beginning of this year, the highest price reached 9000 yuan RMB every fortnight, rose 60%, attracted the attention China central bank.

In January 25, 2017, the central bank Beijing Branch issued “on-site inspection on bitcoin trading platform will continue to carry out the” announcement, payment and settlement, anti money laundering, foreign exchange management, information and financial security will become an important aspect of bitcoin trading platform consolidation after the spring festival. Regulators prompted investors should pay close attention to bitcoin trading platform risk, prudent investment activities, which prevent the underground money laundering tools, or the transfer of assets to overseas means. Since then, bitcoin quickly fell below 5500 yuan.

In fact, there are more than 80% bitcoin, master in the early 950 to enter the market in the hands of the real in circulation bitcoin is not much. At present, the circulation is not high bitcoin, there are 98% in Chinese hands out, among them, the three major domestic bitcoin platform has accounted for more than 80% of the trading volume, making bitcoin like antiques, only the value of the collection, not the value of circulation, which is contrary to the original intention of bitcoin the currency function.

Thus, it shows investors back into the characteristics of bitcoin Ponzi scheme, give the money to the people in front of. When the market is in “13 million coins in circulation” 80% by 950 people have, we can determine this is a completely closed market circulation. Investors should also be aware of being involved in the market is being manipulated. The fact repeatedly shows that enter the financial market (platform) bitcoin, is a sophisticated packaging, very typical financial fraud.

American writer Jeffrey Robinson spent two years on the bitcoin market. He believes that different from a felony banker, according to bitcoin technical and monetary form, the design is not malicious fraud. However, when this happens, it has led to cheat millions of followers bitcoin scams, bitcoin will also not worth a hair.

“Virtual” is not a “virtual currency bitcoin”

In fact, one of the main cause of recent bitcoin hot again, is certain to be “virtual currency”, confused with “virtual currency”, which they think is bitcoin virtual currency. However, although the bitcoin because of its anonymity, completely to the center of the “advantages”, once sought after, but the concept of “virtual currency” and “virtual currency” is completely different.

What is the virtual currency?

The European Banking authority in 2014 will be defined as: “neither issued by the central bank or public institutions, do not have to be connected to a legal tender, but as a means of payment is a natural or legal person to accept a currency and can be transferred, stored or can electronic transactions.” Therefore, the virtual currency is not controlled by the financial institutions of the state, a digital currency exists, it is not a real currency.

Thus, bitcoin is a typical “virtual currency” is not a true currency and commodities, masquerading as currency and commodity. The price of bitcoin, speculation soared up; use makers continue to release the “good news”, so repeatedly, Fudge successor, devoured countless investors wealth.

However, many bitcoin proponents believe that bitcoin is a signal to open legal currency era. However, it is also the perfect package of financial fraud. With the evidence of that, so far, bitcoin has not yet been any country accepted as legal tender.

So, what is the virtual currency?

Virtual currency, is a kind of dreamy color block chain technology, perhaps the future forms of money. At present, the world and the related enterprises have invested hundreds of millions of dollars, in order to establish the frictionless business model based mobile assets.

Block chain and digital currency

With the rapid development of science and technology, scientists use block chain technology as a stepping stone, is the rapid development of virtual currency. However, those are virtual currency, but with different bitcoin, even the “block chain” as early as bitcoin non exclusive.

For example, the IBM block chain technology is being tested for tracking high-end products, like diamonds and artwork, to solve the problem of theft and counterfeiting. WAL-MART is using block chain to track food, may make the retail giant to make food safety problems faster reaction.

At present, there are more than 50 of the largest financial institution in the world, has formed a chain block chain alliance alliance – R3 block, block chain technology joint research and development potential.

In fact, there are a lot of mediation links in the existing banking system, because the bank between the record keeping, there are a lot of problems, all these problems will require a lot of background work and cost. According to AutonomousResearch estimates, by 2021, investment management companies can block chain, $16 billion in cost savings.

Research on digital currency formally the central bank’s central bank, shows the China is speeding up the virtual currency, but the RMB and give up while the other virtual currency is different. Virtual currency is actually a digital currency, such as the WeChat payment function, Alipay and other forms of payment, the virtual currency or Renminbi, and non – bitcoin, Wright coins and coins.

With regard to currency, bitcoin is a digital currency to attempt to change the rules of the virtual currency is to change the way of payment, the two are different in nature.

With the rapid development of Internet, virtual currency is higher in Europe and the financial sector and the voice, and as a virtual currency bitcoin or electronic digital — will become the past. So far, bitcoin a transfer payment needs 1 hours, is far better than the convenience of alipay. Once the virtual currency can become mainstream, such as virtual currency bitcoin ending or can see.

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