Digital currency collective off! Beware of the etheric lower risk Chong fang!

Digital currency collective off! Beware of the etheric lower risk Chong fang!

As the etheric square (ETH) value were rushed to a record high, seems to be off the entire ecosystem of encryption currency. The total market value of the currency in circulation of all encryption has been close to $25 billion. Bitcoin, the dominant current encryption currency, which occupies a total market value of the circulation market of digital money 80%. In the Winklevoss (Winklevoss) exchange traded fund (ETF) announced the final results before approaching, bitcoin’s market capitalization was accounted for 88%.

After the ETF was rejected, bitcoin prices stabilized, and the beginning of the whole disk mode.

Bet ETF can obtain approval of the encrypted currency investors, they seem to have turned to the etheric etheric Fang Fang, market capitalization from 1 billion a month ago the U.S. dollar rose to nearly $2 billion 500 million at present.

According to the bitcoin trading network of the display market, by the end of March 14th 11, Ethernet square price 166.49 yuan.

Bitcoin trading network market

Now ETH has soared five Ethernet square continuous days, there has been no callback, the callback risk has been accumulated. Even if the breakthrough is now the highest price of 207 yuan, we should also be alert to the callback, so you should pay attention to the risk of investors.

Bubble? Not even close

The total market capitalization of $25 billion, it means that the encryption currency is in a bubble?

Compared to other asset classes, encryption currency market capitalization is very low. The United States stock market market capitalization of about $25 trillion, this figure is 1000 times the total value of all mobile encryption currency. The total market value of all gold in circulation is about $7 trillion.

The total market value of all encryption currency is roughly equal to a Snapchat or 1/8 Visa the market value of the company.

In view of the encryption in the transfer of funds, currency contracts and other intelligent multi domain has great potential, its total market value currently has no overvalued. If a further increase, their value may soar again. .

[as reporters issued at BTC price: 7845; ETH: 167.8; price LTC price: 27.2], for more information please pay attention to bitcoin, bitcoin trading network platform: WeChat btctrade_com

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