Digital currency rising status in the world

Digital currency rising status in the world


The financial crisis in the United States in 2008 once again the impact of the global economy, relying on the dollar’s global purchasing and financing ability, the United States to stimulate the economy at very low cost, fast recovery from the financial crisis in the global economy, but not to return to the level of growth before 2008. Especially in recent years, with the continued strong dollar, countries had to limit their currencies to deal with capital outflows, as well as the economic downturn.

What kind of currency across the periodic and sovereign trap, it seems in addition to gold, no other currencies so reliable role, but due to the physical properties of gold is too strong, high cost as a medium of exchange, plus the Fed and other central banks to play the role of money against gold again, leading to currency the attributes of gold may be long suppressed.

With the development of science and technology, especially the rapid development of Internet technology, changed the world originally some curing logic. People not only began to use the Internet to protect their own interests, but also began to use the Internet to create some, this should be by the government to create. The financial crisis in 2008, once again let people see the world currency defect, digital currency in the true sense is born in 2008, a person called Nakamoto, invented a way of payment, this payment intermediaries need not the bank, even without the central bank to provide a medium of exchange (currency).

Today, bitcoin’s name has been known to every family, millions of people around the world with an unprecedented enthusiasm on the development of bitcoin and the future. Encryption technology based on digital currency bitcoin, and distributed block chain technology, has attracted worldwide China including the central bank, Goldman Sachs, Morgan and participate in other professional organizations.

In today’s world to the digital currency in its own.

The world’s first issue of digital currency is from Africa, Tunisia, Tunisia following after Africa continuously emerged in three countries, and it is reported that there are more countries to join the digital currency team in the army.

In European countries, many countries such as France, Britain, Italy and Germany have digital currency not only in finance, scientific research, colleges and universities, and has already entered the lives of ordinary people. Such as shopping, catering, hotel reservation, taxi services and many other life, it can be said that digital currency is accelerating change people’s lives.

In Asian countries, probably so, India in addition to the recent sharp note control, strict control of gold and silver trading, said after the use of digital currency to combat money laundering violations of financial, South Korea has nearly 30 companies are building their own block chain alliance, which not only strengthen their own strength, and to facilitate the development of the competitiveness of enterprises in the world and the growing scale of.

In Asia, Japan is testing a digital currency, belonging to their own according to reports, the Japanese banking giant Mizuho bank has begun digital currency test and IBM joint development, in order to reduce the cost of funds transfer. They have successfully tested a digital currency developed by the two companies.

Held recently in the global Internet Conference, China’s central bank also said that the public, relevant personnel are accelerating the process and progress of domestic digital currency research, the relevant preparatory work is carried out and wildly beating gongs and drums, it is not difficult to find, the digital currency has become represent the general trend in the issue and used in china.

In view of this, digital currency germination in Africa, Europe and Asia in the global and regional roots, we have no reason to refuse his presence. But in the future, in every corner of the world will leave the global digital currency footprint.

Paperless currency is a trend, this kind of paperless has two meanings, one is the existing electronic currency, another is to completely change the system, issuing new digital currency, to replace the existing currency. The former one is not much technical content, just a change in the way, the latter is to directly change the money supply and management, which is the biggest challenge of digital currency issuance.

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