Digital RMB blossoms, the end of bitcoin is coming! Speculators cry with excitement, rising trend can’t stop

The future of bitcoin has been cut off as digital RMB blossoms more and more! As for the trend of bitcoin, it breaks 50000 today and 100000 this year. The coin token powder is clamoring wildly. This is the trend! It’s a pity that I don’t have enough confidence! Speaking of digital RMB DCEP, it has been piloted in several major cities in China since the first half of 2020. From Shenzhen, Suzhou, Chengdu to Beijing, tens of millions of big red envelopes are given to the common people every time. If the winner of the prize is 200, it will be considered that the state will treat you to a meal. This meal is the welcome banquet of blockchain and the last meal of bitcoin. In 2009, Nakamoto conceived a model of cryptocurrency, which he named bitcoin. Bit, or byte in English, is the smallest unit of measurement in a computer. To put it bluntly, it’s just digital currency. Digital currency reduces the printing, safekeeping and verification of real currency, which is a very advanced concept. But money is not only a scientific and technological problem, but also a social problem. If there is no currency endorsed by a sovereign state, it is not a currency. It can only be called game props at most. So it makes sense that bitcoin was only $0.001 in 2010, when it was just a novelty in a small circle of Tech enthusiasts. Later, because of the “decentralized and unchangeable” characteristics of blockchain technology, black gold inflow and media hype, this seemingly novel feature gradually attracted more people’s attention. Bitcoin has long been irrelevant to technology. Many people have long heard the technical features of blockchain, but few people really understand its underlying operation. Of course, speculators don’t want to understand. The more novel and fuzzy this thing is, the more favorable it will be for propaganda and speculation. If it is really implemented, what else can be pursued? But let the coin powder helpless is that China has come to the forefront of the world in this respect. Digital RMB is a kind of cryptocurrency, which is officially endorsed by the state. DCEP can be used offline, without binding bank card number, relatively anonymous features, some people directly describe it as a bus card that can be used to buy things! Listen to the vulgar, think about it carefully! Now it is just beginning to pilot, and the use mode is still limited. In the future, it will only become more and more convenient. 12 years ago, Nakamoto’s vision has become a reality in China. Blockchain, a technology misunderstood by the world for 12 years, should really play its role. As for bitcoin, how long a digital currency that has been out of its original mind can survive is of course different opinions. In the past 12 years, its price has been hyped to more than 20 million times, which shows that the potential of speculation is endless. The coin holders think they have seen the trend and chased for the rare opportunity of getting rich in the world. Of course, Congratulations! So far this year, the “experts” in the United States have predicted that bitcoin will rise to 100000, and the most radical one will rise to 400000. Where and where? Only twice that? Eight times? I don’t have enough confidence to see the core coin holder! What can I do? Oddly enough, the coin holders are probably the most selfless creatures in the world. Ordinary people see a rare opportunity to get rich, will treasure and heavy, easily do not tell others, but the coin coin powder is the opposite! They can’t see any rational analysis of bitcoin’s technical features and application prospects. As soon as they hear this, they are excited and speechless. It seems that their biggest hobby is to spread bitcoin to the people around them, which is a good way to get rich and advertise it. If so, it’s really a group of people who are divorced from low taste! Salute them! #Bitcoin breaks the $50000 mark#

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