Do you know what the new way to use bitcoin?

Do you know what the new way to use bitcoin?

Bitcoin price instability has long been known to all. One of the biggest problems around the digital currency is that it uses much like stocks and bonds; one day in which prices are likely to rise, but the price may soon fall suddenly. Bitcoin prices have been hovering in the range of relatively high (now the price of around $740) for a long time, but the fact is that we don’t know how long this situation will last.


In addition to bitcoin price volatility, it also has a variety of functions “”. Although it does not present a variety of different shapes and sizes, but it seems to be infinite, it can give us a lot of experience and lessons.

There is one family to promote the use of bitcoin, claiming that it can teach people responsible for storage and financial awareness. In a small range, bitcoin can be used for personal use, but do not always use it for professional reasons.

Professional hacker Tuxavant explains how he was giving her pocket money when bitcoin when his daughter Kryptina9, now Kryptina is 15 years old, she went to a lot of things to learn from the use of bitcoin.

In the beginning, some difficult for Kryptina to accept bitcoin, she must put bitcoin cash from his father to father, in turn also can know how to spend money for her daughter. Now, Kryptina is ready to pay for her storage bitcoin summer camp and singing course cost.

4000 miles outside of Britain is trying to make more like gold coins. The government’s new gold trading system — Mint, is going to be 1 billion dollars worth of gold on the block chain, and allow customers to use the Mint token to digital trade and sale of gold. The business moved to block chain will eventually reduce storage costs and management costs.

Perhaps one of the biggest achievement of bitcoin is that it brings the blockchain more advanced applications, such as Ethernet square and similar platform. No other encryption currency bitcoin will not appear, it makes the popularity of digital currency payment has gained great development in overnight.

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