DoubleClick, a Google advertising service, is used to spread cryptocurrency mining malware

nRunaway Comment: For months, the news that mining script CoinHive secretly ran in the background and hijacked users to dig into Monroe is no longer news. However, recently, DoubleClick, an advertising service by Internet giant Google, also found that the user’s computer performance was reduced due to this script. In addition, the websites of many large companies are affected by this malware.n
nTranslation: Annie_Xun
In a new report, security services firm TrendMicro said Google’s DoubleClick advertising service was used to distribute cryptocurrency mining malware to European and Asian users.n
In its Security and Intelligence Blog blog, CoinHive, a JavaScript program, runs behind the scenes and uses computer power to tap Monroe, an attacker using Google’s DoubleClick to spread the malware. The operation of the CoinHive mining program has not been authorized by the user, and even the user has no knowledge at all.n
ArsTechnica said the Google DoubleClick ad service is also being used at YouTube, the world’s most popular video-sharing service, and the mining process has affected many users of the site.n
The TrendMicro report shows that “an independent web mining program linking private pools” is also involved.n
“Malvertising” adds two different internet mining scripts based on real ads.n
n”Affected pages still display legal advertisements while two web mining programs silently perform the task.We suspect that attackers have exploited the advertisements of these legitimate sites to attack a large number of users differently from just attacking the device. Traffic began to decrease on January 24 “.n
nEighty percent of the affected computers are hijacked, reducing the performance of the computer.n
In recent months, clandestine cryptocurrencies have been on the rise. Systems from companies such as Transneft, the oil-shipping giant, have also been hit by malware and reported in November that CoinHive has become one of the most common malware.n

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