Dressed in the cloak of virtual currency, market value was as high as 1 billion 100 million dollars bitcoin scam revealed!

All bitcoin investors and fans, do not know if you are in addition to buy bitcoin and other virtual currency, is waiting for money prices, or will make additional investment by bitcoin and the virtual currency? If you have to invest by bitcoin or virtual currency, then you may have heard of a company called Bitconnect.

The company claims to have invented a “robot automatic transaction program” can help investors automatically traded on exchanges, as long as you deposit money according to the terms of the contract not to withdraw the money for some period, Bitconnect “Trading Robot program” will help you manage your deposit account, with bitcoin trading in virtual currency market ensure that there is some return every day.

There are many online Bitconnect members claimed in tens of thousands of dollars to Bitconnect, through the “program” robot automatic trading business Gaoming technology, tens of thousands of dollars in deposits a year to grow exponentially, and successfully extracted deposits at the expiration of the contract. To see this, you are not fond of it? This is really too much! This is because for many successful cases, the “real”, plus Bitconnect offers membership promotion system, as long as after joining Bitconnect, you can get personal promotion links, as long as this link out, a new press this link to join Bitconnect as a member, Bitconnect will pay bonuses.

Is this Bitconnect company quickly and issued red, virtual currency of the company, to attract a large number of investors to buy, the total market value was Bitconnect, the virtual currency market reached USD 1 billion 100 million.

Bitconnect business model is very simple, two:

First: I’ll help you make money. You lend me the money, I get you the money, I give the earning power of super robot automatic trading program trading, during the period of guarantee money, I will give you the interest every day, until the end of the contract. If you want to earn more money, is very simple, is to borrow more amount of money to me, the greater the amount, the more interest.

2: bonus model. This is a typical Ponzi pyramid model, tell them to introduce you to Bitconnect, to the relatives and friends: do you want to have a passive income for 1 years, fortune? I have a method, is to the Bitconnect account, deposit funds to Bitconnect, Bitconnect will use your money, guaranteed to make money. Because Bitconnect has the ability to make money “super robot automatic transaction program”. Invincible! Is this, Bitconnect promotion received huge bonuses, very hard to promote a twenty hundred people.

I see here, a lot of people see the true face of the Bitconnect bar, it is typical for the use of virtual money under the guise of a Ponzi scheme. In January 16, 2018, Bitconnect announced that it will close its exchange, and suspend the loan business. It has received from the The state of Texas and North Carolina Regulators shut down command.

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