Earn 1 billion 100 million, 2345 to block the chain?

 Earn 1 billion 100 million, 2345 to block the chain?

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Holding group Shanghai 2345 network had tried to block the big chain listed A shares of Limited by Share Ltd (Stock Code: 002195.SZ, hereinafter referred to as “2345”), is likely to stop block chain.

In April 15th 2345, released its 2018 annual report summary report, has not yet been mentioned 2345 of its 2345 block chain (Shenzhen) Technology Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the “Shenzhen 2345”) investment.

Business information, Shenzhen 2345 is the A shares of the listed company 2345 owned subsidiary, was established in January 2018, the registered capital of 50 million, with two “software copyright” flag, respectively “octopus planet app software” and “Star Alliance Android software version”.

According to the daily planet Odaily all know, octopus planet is under the banner of the 2345 block chain products. However, now the product is trapped in a dead end”.

2 2018, 2345 line block chain project official website, and released “2345 1.0” white paper block chain scheme. The white paper announced the launch of “2345 Star Alliance Plan” plan, block chain technology based on user behavior by creating a platform to get excited.

The white paper mentioned a number of tokens, star coins (token Name: STC), issued a total of 1 billion 500 million medals.

Subsequently, the 2345 sale of the cloud disk used to dig the “star coins”, “octopus planet”, in the non official channels was pushed up to 2500 yuan.

However, the stars let 2345 coins into illegal RMB currency speculation, negative public opinion. Although the 2345 later called an emergency money exchange business, but the ensuing currency price fell, octopus planet devaluation, again attracted user rights storm.

Today, the star coins in part exchange real time price fell to 2 cents, while others have stopped trading. Octopus star mine miners said, now every day most dug up both star coins, “even boot electricity does not come back to earn.”

Currency price diving, hardware sales, right up…… So, 2345 block chain road seems to be very difficult to continue.

The octopus market shrinking planet

“There’s no hope, a welcome pack away.” Recently, the “cui1899” in the second-hand goods trading platform idle idle fish to 65 yuan a price, put up your hands 220 Octopus star equipment.

In idle fish, like “cui1899” are the hands of Octopus equipment planet and many people, we hang out the price of more than 55 to 200 yuan range. Most of the octopus planet equipment display of goods seller in the picture, hundreds of Octopus star cloud disk hardware is neatly placed on the shelves, unified management, boot, quite mine posture.

A seller told the Odaily: “the daily planet on the market of second-hand Octopus planet more than the price of 60 yuan.”

However, this is just a year ago, launched by the A shares of the listed company 2345 of the planet is still in panic buying, octopus supply carnival.

In February 9, 2018, 2345 on the line of the block chain project website, and launched the “2345 Star Alliance”, declared that “the network behavior of each user (into the page, download games, watch video online payment, etc.) will be seen as a contribution to network behavior, 2345 Star Alliance according to the given user contribution degree corresponding to the stars currency and cash incentives, the proportion of users according to the user’s income distribution.

At the same time with the launch of the project, as well as a mining cloud “octopus planet”, which is called the 2345 Star Alliance “pass”, to provide 2345 Star Alliance “money” opportunities, users must buy Octopus planet equipment.

The propaganda of “money” mode caused a lot of user attention. According to reports, in March 28, 2018, the first batch of Octopus equipment available in the 2345 Star Star Alliance website, only 12 seconds, the official website of the shelves were sold octopus planet.

There are statistics, octopus planet hardware after the release, the first batch of products received nearly 1 million 800 thousand users appointment. The first sale can not meet the user’s enthusiasm, then the 2345 Star Alliance in April 11th launched the second batch of products, this is in 4 seconds sold out all the stocks.

In the taste of the product launch is an empty seckill sweetness, octopus planet in April 25th of the same year on Jingdong to raise the public, 3 seconds exceeded one million yuan, 56 minutes to complete the 10 million of the public to raise the target.

In the process, continue to push the octopus star products, repeatedly refresh speed record and the Jingdong to raise the public to raise the amount of. There are media reports, until May 8th 2345, octopus planet raise the amount exceeded 40 million yuan, a record high Jingdong to raise public.

At that time, the official price of Octopus planet is 1299 yuan, even so, the octopus planet or in the hot market is still a hard to find, many buyers of high priced buy forum.

The media had sneaked into the planet Octopus user group, user group at first did not think the renminbi is a big problem, 2345 listed companies also believe that the strength of endorsement.

But with the media pointed out that 2345 RMB, the 2345 began to cut their relationship with Octopus planet, star currency prices fell to 1.1 yuan from 2 cents.

Today, the “octopus star users” becomes the “octopus star activist group”. Apart from the occasional released low selling Octopus planet information, discuss the return channel or more. Some activists even find the planet had help the octopus sales of Jingdong to raise the public, seeking a refund.

Users questioned: “buy the octopus box more than 1000, less than a year fell to dozens of pieces, a fraud?”

There are people who want to learn from Xi’an Benz to beg for 2345 refund rights model: “small woman cry a Benz refunds, guys do howl 2345 will refund?”

Currency price has shrunk by nearly a hundred times

In addition to the 2345 users of the original basis, the explosion and fire Octopus planet more but also due to the incentive – star coins.

At that time, there have been a large number of users to block chain admission, mainly saw the stars never announced bitcoin virtual currency status.

However, according to the China voice of “news” reported that in June 21, 2018, there were outside of the virtual currency exchange line integral star (“star coins”), open the integral star against the currency market business, token peak price is 1.1 yuan.

For 2345 of the A shares of listed companies and the background of the endorsement, virtual currency at the time of the investment boom, many people generous admission.

Fiscal union also reported, was a “octopus planet”, the public also launched a “trading strategy”, guiding the reader how to transfer to BTBTOP exchange integral star and cash transactions.

Reported that, in addition to the BTBTOP exchange, Wjwcoin (Coineal, Biclub, network game player) exchange is also on the line integral star token exchange.

Cash business was halted after the stars did not export currency exchange, had high bulk purchase of Octopus buyers has become a star mining cut “leek”.

Recently, the daily planet Odaily BTBTOP landing exchange found that star coins (STC, i.e. integral star) in the month of 6 2018 21 has started on the record of the transaction, the opening price is the most expensive star coins, 1.1 yuan. Then the stars coin suffered a fall, the price of money all the way down, the current price of the coin remained at about 2 cents each, 24 hours turnover is only 2.209 STC.

2345 Star Alliance Octopus cloud disk APP, only online mall star beta version, launched the star currency exchange goods sector, but only 5 of the 2345 products can be traded, respectively, multimeter, octopus dolls, calculator, Bluetooth speakers etc..

Octopus cloud disk APP later launched star coins back against the plan, however, plans to buy back the cash back ratio is not satisfactory.

“Spent 2500 to buy equipment, now daily output of 2 coins, each coin 2345 to 1 cents recovery. It is a day income of 2 cents, but also take their own electricity.” Activists say the octopus planet.

Now the 2345 ace technicians forum, also more rights and make complaints about sticking. Some people make complaints about their first admission, octopus planet, have yet to earn electricity. There are people in the forum to start a collection of second-hand equipment business, said the only charge is not more than 10 yuan machine. There are people in the recovery of post comments: take back recycling as scrap metal?

The Shenzhen Stock Exchange was cut after the emergency inquiries

Along with the frequent media attention to the 2345 planet octopus and expose 2345, denied the sales relationship with multiple tokens star coins, which also led to a large number of investors believe that the octopus planet suspected of false propaganda. In the second half of 2018 2345 in RMB, illegal currency speculation, false advertising and other negative opinion.

In the national situation against grim moment of ICO, 2345 received the Shenzhen letter of inquiry, 2345 of its block chain business relevant explanation.

In December 18, 2018 2345, issued a reply to the announcement: 2345 Star Alliance which is part of the business link use block chain technology, the company does not involve digital currency and trading business, legal compliance.

For an interim announcement to form 2345 Star Alliance and octopus star disclosure issue, 2345 responded that the 2018 annual “2345 star alliance business sales revenue and net profit accounted for 2017 years the proportion of the audited operating income and net profit of not more than 10%, no significant impact on the company’s 2018 annual operating results. Do not belong to the category of information disclosure of listed companies should be legal.

Media reports mentioned the planet for the alleged propaganda, octopus individual users and agents and other rights, 2345 to deny false propaganda, said after the octopus planet hardware sales revenue and net profit attributable to the company’s revenue and net profit in the proportion of small, will not have a significant impact on the company’s annual results, and suggest that investors pay attention to investment risks. At the same time also responded that the steady growth of Star Alliance product users, will continue to update the products, access to more products and services, rich ecological scene.

On the Shenzhen 2345 inquiry notice again by the media criticized the Department of “evade the crucial point”.

At the same time, the 2345 also rushed to cut planet with octopus.

The Associated Press reported earnings disclosure service number to assist investors in Octopus star virtual currency cash, the service number immediately changed its name to “travel” common sense of life, while the replacement of the head and the menu bar information, all related information delete coins.

2345 Star Alliance official domain name from “www.2345.org” was renamed “www.xingqiulm.com”.

Even if the 2345 busy cutting, and repeatedly denied suspected of issuing the facts, but still difficult to disassociate themselves.

Chinese the voice of “news” reported in the interview that the investors said the octopus star sales process, 2345 of the staff will be introduced to the buyer agents, but the stars into the key link of RMB currency, 2345 does not come forward.

In April 15th, 2345 released the latest annual report mentioned in the 2345, yet on the Shenzhen’s 2345 block chain company.

Business information and annual reports show that Shenzhen 2345 blockchain company was founded in Shenzhen June 1 2018 17, a registered capital of 5000 million yuan.

2345 Star Alliance official website still hung A shares of listed company’s products “sign.

The company has not yet funded chain blocks, what does that mean? In this regard, the daily planet Odaily attempts to call, the official mail channel contact 2345, but as of press time before its official response has not yet been any.

From the cash loan to block chain

2345 is famous for 2345 web site navigation. Subsequently, 2345 has been in the “game of the Internet vertical force, trying to cash flow navigation website.

But the Internet information services 2345 before and after 2015, has met the revenue and profit growth bottlenecks, started from the “Internet service provider” to “the transformation of Internet plus financial innovation” in 2015.

Earnings data show that during the period from 2015 to 2017, 2345 in the financial revenue increased from 9 million 127 thousand and 300 yuan to 2 billion 93 million yuan, accounting for the proportion of financial business revenues jumped from 0.62% to 65.42%. Million European Network reported statistics, the financial business of 3 years of revenue growth of 230 times.

This, 2345 cash loan business the most dazzling.

36kr had previously reported that, along with the cash loan began to rise in 2016, 2015 is still a loss of 7 million 320 thousand “2345 loan king”, in 2016 the total loans grew 2164.98%. 2017 is only half of the time, the king gave 2345 2345 loans contributed 2.39 million yuan net profit, accounting for the parent company profit 50%.

But the road is not easy mutual gold. At the beginning of 2018, 2345 announced a results of letters, published a total of 964 million yuan of assets impairment, 2345 said that the main reasons for the rapid development of the company during the reporting period and the licensed financial institutions to carry out cooperation in the Internet consumer finance business, the loss of bad loans and advances to the amount of growth caused by the company should bear the corresponding increase by.

For regulatory control and wind pressure, the 2345 officially cut its cash loan business at the end of 2017. Also at this time, 2345 to block chain, and released its “white paper” 1 2345 block chain scheme.

Then turn on the blockchain, 2345, got what?

2345 2018 semi annual report shows that the 2345 Star Alliance as a new business is attributable to the Internet information service business sector, are listed separately in the semi annual report shows. In the first half of 2018, 2345 in Internet information services sector to achieve revenue more than 1 billion 180 million yuan, compared with the same period of the previous year growth of 127.95%,

This means that, in the first half of 2018, 2345 revenue through 2345 Star Alliance Project grab.

IMO collective defeat

The first cloud mining model is not its Octopus planet 2345.

As early as the first half of 2017 years, thunder launched called “shared cloud computing products play off the cloud”. The user through the play off cloud to contribute their idle bandwidth and storage resources, and obtain a “chain g” (formerly known as the “play off money”) reward.

However, after a burst of fire, thunder cloud also play off and octopus planet is facing an embarrassing situation.

After the thunder announced 2018 Q3 earnings, the annual report contains the play off sales cloud cloud computing business Q3 revenue of $1980 million, an increase of 150 million dollars. Growth data in 2016 years Q3-2017 Q3 up to 110%, but in 2017 years Q3-2018 years Q3 growth of only 8.3%.

Media analysis, 2018 Q3, cloud computing and IVAS service, the weakest in the thunder overall business, means that the thunder play off cloud is facing the bottleneck of “marketable”.

In addition, the legal factor is the biggest risk of this kind of industry.

In early January 12, 2018, Chinese Internet Finance Association released a risk on the prevention of disguised ICO activities suggest that with the thunder “chain grams” as an example, summarizes the mill as the core issue of virtual digital assets “(IMO) model.

In simple terms, IMO refers to issue tokens through the sale of hardware / machine for the first time. It also analysis, IMO is essentially a financing behavior, is also a ICO.

But whether it is the project of ICO, or 2345 IMO and the thunder, finally because of the lack of actual support value, become a feather.

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