EBay executives: crypto currency has become a trend, we are considering to accept bitcoin payments

EBay executives: crypto currency has become a trend, we are considering to accept bitcoin payments

According to eBay executives, as one of the world’s largest electricity supplier platform, they are considering accepting encrypted currency payment.

Consider adding a bitcoin payment

EBay America Senior Vice President Scott? Cutler (ScottCutler) said that the electricity supplier giants are discussing whether to start receiving encrypted currency payment.

This is a trend that everyone is talking about it. But unfortunately, eBay does not currently accept bitcoin payment method. We are seriously considering this point, because the encryption currency has become a mainstream means of payment, but we did not make a decision.

Cutler added that the two level of market eBay is also encrypted currency mining hardware, also on thousands of encryption currency peripheral products.

Encryption currency into the mainstream

Although it is unclear whether eBay has detailed plans to accept encrypted monetary payment, but the company has to discuss this topic, this proves that bitcoin has quickly entered the mainstream.

Last week, downloaded bitcoin broker appCoinbase AppleStore in the very front rank, that retail is rapidly entering the bitcoin ecosystem — even Coinbase because too much traffic cause service interruptions.

This week, the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) launched the first bitcoin futures contracts, the world’s largest derivatives exchange Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) will start next week bitcoin trading futures. Although the futures mainly target customers in Wall Street, but could help the bitcoin ETF application is successful, this kind of investment tools to facilitate the use of ordinary investors, can be directly from the broker hold or retirement accounts.

The next moment will be encrypted currency universal, enterprises will use it to buy goods or services.

Overstock Newegg and other well-known retailers began to accept bitcoin payments on many years ago, but the retail industry giant, eBay, Amazon and Alibaba did not officially accept this payment. From the beginning there have been rumors that Amazon plans to accept bitcoin. Recently, the Alibaba co-founder Jack Ma said, he is not interested in bitcoin, suggesting that China enterprises will not accept a currency without government support.

Some retailers including Steam game platform, has stopped accepting bitcoin payments in recent months, as the currency price rise, transaction fees are also increasing. However, for some expensive items, bitcoin is still the best choice, and Ethernet square, BCH and Wright currency currency competition for small transactions provide a more practical option.

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