Encryption currency knowledge small survey: ordinary people still think encryption currency is a Ponzi scheme

Encryption currency knowledge small survey: ordinary people still think encryption currency is a Ponzi scheme

In fact, for ordinary consumers and companies to accept bitcoin is still a great challenge. This result is not surprising, because the views of ordinary people on the crypto currency has been relatively negative. Most people don’t even know what the encryption currency, and currency competition is that bitcoin Ponzi view is also very worried.


A Torrent site held a “crypto currency sense” vote. Because not everyone understand Torrent, so the results may not be representative of all people’s point of view. But it’s enough to show most people view on encryption currency.

As expected, nearly half of registered users have said “I don’t know what money is encrypted”. This result is not surprising, because most of the people in addition to your wallet and bank account, can not see the other way of value. I am not saying that they are wrong, but the world is big, full of opportunities, they should go to explore, a lot of choice.

At the same time, think that bitcoin is a Ponzi scheme of a few people. In the opinion of most people, and the lack of tangible assets created in the currency on the network support is illegal. Can only say that they do not understand the free market model. Today, any bank or government controlled financial value in their eyes is particularly mysterious.

As with the 2016 bitcoin investigation results, some people regularly use encryption currency, even think it represents the future. However, these people are in the minority. This is not what the monetary field get excited over a little thing, encryption of educational resources is still relatively scarce, so people don’t care about bitcoin is not money, investment or hedge.

The following is the results of this investigation.

What do you think of encryption currency?

Encryption is the future of 21% currency

I have at least once used encryption currency 9%

I think money is a Ponzi scheme 20% encryption

What is the encryption currency? 50%

At present, in the field of education is indeed a crypto currency needs to be strengthened. Although the number of relevant meetings rose, are helpful for people to understand the encryption currency, but these meetings are generally priced too high. Maybe some small meeting is the best choice. If we want to change the public attitude of encryption currency, we must start from their own.

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