Enter the Brighton bitcoin ATM machine deployment bitcoin ATM third city

Enter the Brighton bitcoin ATM machine deployment bitcoin ATM third city

Bitcoin ATM provider Alphavend announced the launch of the first 24 hours of service bitcoin ATM machine in Brighton, installation site located in this famous seaside city landmark pier.

With bitcoin in the world to accept more and more, the relevant industry bitcoin industry in the development process. Bitcoin ATM machine is a measure of the benefit of the public.

The current worldwide total of more than 1000 bitcoin ATM machine, mostly deployed in the United States; and in Europe and England area is still relatively scarce.

Bitcoin ATM machine is Brandon after London and Scotland deployment bitcoin ATM, third British installed bitcoin ATM city. Bitcoin ATM provider Alphavend said to enter the south coast of Britain is optimistic.

“Brandon in the innovation and embrace the new reputation. Social information, without permission behind bitcoin and stateless characteristics must be with the freedom of thought and equal residents produce resonance “, Alphavend spokesman commented.

The bitcoin ATM machine is located at 54-55 Kings Road, a S.V.News convenience store, the working time is from Sunday to Thursday from 7 a.m. to 3 a.m. Friday and Saturday 24 hours.

Alphavend also said that in addition to bitcoin, which will also increase the market value of fourth Wright currency support, will also increase the digital currency more in the near future.

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