Ernst will support bitcoin as payment advisory services in Switzerland

Ernst will support bitcoin as payment advisory services in Switzerland

Ernst & Young (EY) is one of the world’s most famous service provider. But even so, the company must continue to explore innovative concepts. By January 2017, Ernst & young Swiss branch customers will be able to use bitcoin invoice. In addition, the company in Zurich office has added a bitcoin ATM. Obviously, EY has a clear plan to promote the adoption of bitcoin, first from switzerland.

Switzerland is rapidly becoming one of the most popular bitcoin countries. Compared with the counter encryption currency, Zug town already can use bitcoin to pay for public services. Now, EY began to expand bitcoin business development faster and faster. In fact, all employees of EY Swiss branch will begin to use APP to receive the digital wallet and consumer bitcoin.

Ernst (EY) into a comprehensive bitcoin in Switzerland

EY decided to enter the bitcoin sense really unexpected. An important step in the Zurich Office of ATM is taken to install bitcoin. In addition, Ernst & young staff and outsiders can use this ATM to become the company a good marketing tool. See EY take practical action to embrace bitcoin and block chain, rather than, this is indeed a positive signal.

However, the biggest news is EY in the coming 2017 years will be how to allow customers to use bitcoin Payment Advisory services. In this way, EY will become the largest public companies to accept the encryption of monetary payment. In addition, EYGarage-Lab is working with customers to promote intelligent technology contracts. In this digital era, such drastic changes seem more assured.

Ernst & Young financial services consulting partner DanielHaudenschild EYGarage-Lab told the media said: “in our laboratory, innovation, we are working together with our customers, to promote the development of intelligent digital products based on the contract. Along with the digital currency, customers can make full use of their advantages, such as low transaction costs or automated processing.”

EY hopes to help digital operations guide their customers into the new age. By covering the five key pillar industry, they try to build confidence for the digital world. In addition, they will provide guidance for enterprises, and support their transformation. Looks bitcoin in the development process of business model has played an indispensable role.

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