Especially vigilant, using USB risk bitcoin ransomware infection

Especially vigilant, using USB risk bitcoin ransomware infection

Recently, University of Illinois, Champaign, Bana carried out a safety test, experiments show that the USB driver has many security vulnerabilities. Nearly half of the driver in the use of no safety measures.

Do not use an untrusted USB driver

USB is a good stuff, anyone can use, the user doesn’t want to insert it as long as the computer can be used. However, it also give us sounded the alarm, more convenient to use may be something more in danger.

University of Illinois, Bana – Champaign experiment makes the conclusion more clear. Experimental results show that the 48% USB drive is not a safe environment in use. In most cases, these students will be inserted into the computer after the USB soon picked up.

The USB drive is not a problem in itself, the problem is the attacker will distributed virus or bitcoin blackmail software embedded driver, which infected hundreds of potential victims. Therefore, these picked up unsolicited USB is not safe, the researchers compared it to “take people away to pick up the food and eat”.

Even if the goodwill for drive, the potential risks in use will give users a variety of. Promotional activities usually free of some USB drives, these drives are often not trusted certificate. A driver may control the host computer by hackers implanted tools, resulting in more serious consequences.

At the same time, it is worth noting that only 16% of users will check the security situation before using the USB driver. This situation is worrying, it seems that only a small number of people concerned about computer security. In view of the now bitcoin malware and extortion software still exists, people still should be cautious is unknown.

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