ETH network or attack – Fang Ethernet node crashes, block synchronization

ETH network or attack – Fang Ethernet node crashes, block synchronization


Ethernet network or square attack, Ethernet square community into chaos. All nodes running Geth users seem to be affected.

Ethernet Fang Go language client Geth chief developer and co-founder of JeffreyWilcke Ethernet workshop issued a security warning today in the etheric Fang official blog, he said “Geth nodes run out of memory, and the collapse in No. 2283416 block.”

He suggested that the user first converted to alternative end users before the issue is resolved.

The Go-ethereum client is usually referred to as Geth, it is a command line interface, complete the Ethernet node in the realization of the Go workshop. Although Geth users in the Ethernet network and not the main square, but the number of users in the past few months has been in the “rapid growth”.

As an Ethernet network to provide square node data at the time of is offline.

Today is the first day of the Shanghai Devcon2 Developers Conference, one of the main etheric Fang Development Conference, so it is likely to cause concern.

TeamJinx users posting on the social networking site Reddit news said the implementation of Ethernet address code to disrupt the network square “very likely theft related with DAO”.

Other people responded that the attack may come from “bitcoin unification”, ETC’s supporters or opponents of encryption currency. However, as there is no evidence of any motive.

There is no doubt that the effect of two events including today attacks, to the public the etheric Fang reputation, and may make about the integrity of the Internet developers greatly disappointed.

Ethernet Ethernet square currency prices had been rising, but after the outbreak, has fallen by $12.

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