Etherbus Byzantine hard bifurcation delay, for more testing

nnThe first phase of the “Byzantine” hard bifurcation as its “Metropolis” upgrade has received much attention. But for more testing to ensure that all problems can be resolved as much as possible in the process and the next process is going well, the APF has announced a postponement of the official release date for the Byzantine hard bifurcation. From the perspective of founder Vitalik Buterin, the process seems to be a success.n
nTranslated by: Inan
The launch date of the “Byzantine” upgrade will increase for more than a week.n
The Byzantine hard bifurcation is the first phase of the “Metropolis” upgrade of the “Square”, which will appear on block 437,000,000, that is, in view of the current block production measure, which will appear on October 17th. Its initial expected release date is October 9, to avoid any problems in the test.n
The delayed release is the proposal of the founder of the founder of the Vitalik Buterin, which he proposed in the September 22 core developer discussion, which should be conservative relative to the previous bifurcation.n
Buterin said:n
n”We are not in an emergency.”n
nThe proposal is also intended to promote miners to use hard bifurcations more smoothly. This is because the increase in difficulty will allow the miners to move to other chains that can be mined throughout the month.n
Buterin would have liked to postpone the release until the end of October, but this would be in conflict with the arrangements for the General Assembly in early November.n
According to developer Hudson Jameson, the hard bifurcation date is now “almost certain” unless there is a problem during the test.n
Byzantine’s test phase on the Ropsten test online was officially launched on Tuesday, so far everything has been normal. The block chain even verifies the first private deal.n
However, this is not to say that there is no problem. On September 21, a malicious user attacked the Byzantine test network and filled the entire block with a spam contract. But Buterin thinks the attack is “irrelevant”.n
Next, similar behavior will continue to appear on Ropsten to ensure that all Etherbus customers are able to handle changes in Byzantine.n

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