Ethereum Classic successfully completed the first phase of hard branch

Ethereum Classic successfully completed the first phase of hard branch

EthereumClassic this morning (25) completed the first phase of the bifurcation to solve the impact of weeks of the DoS attack vector problem. The upgrade is not technical problems, most of the miners were from the client network and the smooth transition to the new old client GAS price of hard branch. However, the price of ETC did not reflect the very positive, but fell 3%, compared with the price of ETH since last week rose 10% after bifurcation hard.

Low reaction after ETC bifurcation may affect the second hard bifurcation, hinder the expansion of the state caused by air clearing accounts; because some ETC community argue that the upcoming second phase of the hard bifurcation can not be changed in violation of the blockchain principle – empty account will be deleted, even if they are to follow the attacker create the rules.

However, the developers seem to have reached a consensus on the bifurcation overall, but this is how we reach a consensus is not clear; but now there was controversy, while there is no developers try to measure all ETC user opinion, did not vote or poll. On the contrary, the fork decided to look more like a leading developer.

This is not the first time ETC developers in this way right make a great decision. They have apparently decided to remove the DifficultyBomb (Ethernet Fang ofEthernet Fang consensus algorithm in), in the absence of open discussion, community guide decision or completely change the rules of the network and the development route of the ETC user voting case.

ETC management is determined by developers, so it seems to be the center of. With technical violations can not change degeneration principle, ETC promises can not be changed and decentralization is not reflected in practice.

In any case, this is the first stage of a large number of ETC and ETH to solve the attack vector bifurcation. Bifurcation of this stage (ETH completed last week, ETC today) there is no dispute on the two community. Bifurcation in order to optimize the network so that it can better defend the DoS attack in the second stage, the stage of the bifurcation is not considered the worry. So the client hard bifurcation has not been released, although the hard time of emergency second phase current bifurcation have not been evaluated, but is expected after a few weeks will make a judgment.

The second phase of the ETH bifurcation hard for the community there is no dispute, no argument against it; but in the ETC community there are a lot of controversy, a small part of members of the community still continues to use the original ETC chain. However, whether the bifurcation will again lead to the formation of the two chains, due to the relatively small size of the ETC community, it remains to be seen.

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