Ethernet expansion capability is better than bitcoin Fang

Ethernet expansion capability is better than bitcoin Fang

A few days ago, Blaine CoinbaseCEO? Armstrong (BrianArmstrong) in Reddit released a job posting, recruiting senior engineer for the company. He mentioned the Coinbase wallet and will support more competitive currency in the post, also shows that the expansion capability is better than bitcoin Ethernet fang.

This post is intended to recruit Coinbase news spread on Reddit, because Armstrong thinks crypto currency a bright future. But the comments are on the release of the programming test of interest and to Coinbase for the next step to add what kind of competitive currency curiosity.

Coinbase to meet the needs of customers

Armstrong wrote:

We will support any customer request to add encryption currency. I hope these crypto currencies have at least one can gain a complete victory over the next few years, talent shows itself, can attract billions of users.

I am very interested in the expansion of the digital currency. I think the etheric Fang achievements in this area is better than bitcoin. As for the future of both will be how to develop, it can make nothing of it.

At the same time, he also called for Reddit users to help promote Coinbase recruitment plan.

In July this year, completed the hard Ethernet square historic bifurcation. A day later, Coinbase adds the etheric coins.

Coinbase said he can benefit from unlimited expansion plan in the etheric Fang, the insurance mechanism of intelligent contract will bring more security and flexibility to change the system, and these two characteristics is conducive to the development of innovation, improve the adaptability.

Armstrong praised the etheric Fang

Ethernet in July for its hard Fang bifurcation and gain a lot of supporters, Armstrong was one of them.

Coinbase co-founder Fred? Aierzhamu (FredEhrsam) said in May this year, 9 months since the birth of the etheric Fang, the level of development of APP has more than bitcoin. Ehrsam said that he was not to provoke a war between the two encryption currency, only the same point between the two is too much, so the comparison is meaningful.

The Reddit user support currency competition

Many users in the Armstrong post Coinbase speculate on the possibility to support more currency competition. There are also users hope that he can consider Monroe coins (Monero or XMR, or the original error, will be divided between the two different currencies), bit shares (BTS) and Zcash Zcoin (LTC) Shadowcash, Wright coins and dog coins (DOGE). Which is the voice of the highest Monroe coins.

Coinbase programming test has also attracted a lot of attention. The users of its different views. Some people also questioned the necessity of this test.

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