Ethernet square 2 how safe the consensus?

Editor’s note: This article from the blue fox notes (ID:lanhubiji), the author: Alex Stokeso, compiled: SL, authorized to release the daily planet.

Change of Ethernet is one of the 2 main square changes the consensus mechanism, which is composed of PoW to PoS (Casper), PoW and PoS what is the difference in the final? It will be more secure than PoW?

The normal operation of the Casper proof of interest agreement protocols lead to data on the properties of the final, the participants reached a consensus in the participation process. We will call this data as the final uncertainty, because once reached, data cannot be changed, unless the destruction of the pledge tokens of more than 1/3, the token is stored in the system of the participants. In fact, this attribute adds some good security guarantees, and these are the lack of the current PoW system.

One way to understand Casper is in the system, the verifier (similar to PoW miner) mission is to block the chain they think “norms” of the block vote. To reach a consensus in the individual case with other verifier verifier (to encourage consensus in a chain), will be rewarded, and proved to have malicious behavior under the condition of punishment (such as trying to give two different chain vote). The punishment will guarantee deposits (rights) to implement these tokens by the verifier in pledge before locking in the system.

The source of 2 of the total square security of Ethernet in these deposits and its rules (such as “reducing conditions”), which ensure that the verifier will try to attack such as loss of the deposit agreement. In order to add material safety margin, Ethernet lanes and 2 failure will reduce consensus in violation of the requirements on 1/3 active network over the verifier. Health system is assumed to be involved in the etheric Fang 10 million ETH, then a successful attack means the destruction of 3 million 300 thousand ETH, in accordance with articles when the price of the total value of more than $500 million. (Note: the blue fox notes is more than $700 million, that is to say, according to the current situation, the attack cost at least $700 million.)

Considering the safety margin of the size of the Casper process that any data specification are final, because want to abolish the “standardized” cost is the self destruction of a large number of funds. The final with the Cong consensus consensus to ensure contrast, Nakamoto consensus is safety for the given data make probabilistic statements, it is proved that the execution in the workload is made based on the.

Not that block chain will not be reversed in a certain height, the etheric Fang 2 consensus will know (achieve economic uncertainty) at some point after the chain block will never be reversed.

Have you ever tried to consider storage or cash in exchange, before the operation was completed that have to wait for some blocks (usually long), which can feel the effects of the final. In a final system, you only need to wait for the natural occurrence of a consensus, to determine the final completion of operation.

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