Ethernet workshop daily trading volume of $450 million overnight soared 22.5 times!

Ethernet workshop daily trading volume of $450 million overnight soared 22.5 times!

ETH is a recently embarked on a hanging open path, market innovative high, bitcoin trading network Btctrade Ethernet square price was approaching $50, up 14% in 24 hours. Most analysts believe that inflation is the recent enterprise workshop ETH Ethernet Ethernet Alliance (EEA) workshop and the establishment of the institutional investors admission results.

Bitcoin trading network market

The unusual Fang trading mode of Ethernet

To determine whether a digital currency or asset growth or price trends, so we must first consider a lot of changing. The price of ETH development is not organized. Analysts, including ARKInvest encryption products director ChrisBurniske stressed that the ETH deal is unusual.

In March 16th, the daily trading volume between the night ETH was $450 million, this figure is the highest before the daily trading volume of $190 million more than 2 times. In fact, since 2016 August, the daily trading volume of ETH has been maintained at around $20 million. However, overnight, ETH daily trading volume rocketed to $450 million from $20 million. The trading volume of bitcoin trading network also ushered in a new high.

ETH a money supply policy has no fixed limit on, so rare and scarcity may not become influence factors like bitcoin prices that. ETH also did not like bitcoin large active users. But bitcoin network users also use the money as a payment network, settlement network, digital cash and digital gold. At the same time, because of the scarcity, the overall value of bitcoin will continue to grow.


However, for the etheric Fang, Fang was only using Ethernet Application active group of users, ETH will be used extensively at ETH day trading volume and prices will rise. The etheric Fang itself is not a payment network or digital currency, because it is actually a kind of asset inflation. Because of the etheric Fang and the birth of the EthereumClassic bifurcation (ETC) recently switched to a fixed money supply, so ETC is more likely to be understood as a kind of currency.

In fact, ETH trading volume rose 22.5 times a night should be a warning to investors — ETH price is currently expanding. May is the enterprise Ethernet Alliance (ETH) established the square caused investors and important institutions competing to buy ETH. The daily trading volume of ETH is likely to come from the same amount of BTC-ETH and -ETH on currency trading.

Burniske also said Google trends (GoogleTrends) showed interest in the etheric Fang increasing, it may also be the cause of skyrocketing prices of short-term ETH.

Another factor ETH rising trend has erupted: Google search. ChrisBurniske (@ARKblockchain) March162017

According to previous reports, the smart and efficient cooperation between the etheric bed record market square. From the explosive growth trend of ETH price and trading volume, the establishment of enterprise alliance is obviously the etheric Fang detonated some famous traders and corporate interests.

However, there was another interesting statement in the etheric square community: a related etheric square pyramid schemes are staged in asia. Bitcoin trading network ( has issued a warning to remind investors to resist MLM scam.

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