European banks will provide bitcoin account

European banks will provide bitcoin account

In his opinion, European banks will soon start to provide bitcoin account. Although it sounds unrealistic, but this is certainly an exciting change.

When the world bank provided bitcoin account in the near future, it will be a very interesting thing. BitcoinSuisse (a bitcoin ATM company of Switzerland) founder NiklasNikolajsen that occurred in the next few years will be the event. The traditional bank accounts can also be named after encryption currency, despite the feasibility of this idea is questionable, but it sounds interesting in practice.

Bitcoin currency and encryption with the traditional finance is indeed to be much faster and cheaper. This has brought panic to bankers, because they want to address this challenge sooner or later. But it is more difficult than expected, the venture capital in recent years they block chain technology explained.

NiklasNikolajsen exciting vision

In the opinion of the founder of NiklasNikolajsen BitcoinSuisse, it will soon change. Although his vision sounds a bit unrealistic, but he presents an interesting future. In his opinion, European banks will soon start to provide bitcoin account.

Nikolajsen did not disclose his mind which European banks will soon provide bitcoin account. He only mentioned that “the bank is not foreign banks”. This statement left a lot of imagination to the people, this is likely to be his main goal. Then, he pointed out that this change may be coming at the end of 2016. If this is true, then see the bank to offer its customers bitcoin account will be a very shocking.

But one of the biggest problems is how to deal with the problem of the private key. In charge of the key people can spend is connected with bitcoin accounts. If the bank to offer its customers a crypto currency account, so they must give up control of the private key. But if you do not do the bank guarantee, which might have a lot of security issues.

At the same time, the first bitcoin products appear on the market, it seems only a matter of time. When investors put bitcoin as a means of diversification, recognized by consumers to accept the need to guide the right direction. With Zug area public sector services began to accept bitcoin, the world to use encryption currency for real purchases and a step forward.

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