European police held a meeting to discuss the value of bitcoins storage and payment legalization

European police held a meeting to discuss the value of bitcoins storage and payment legalization

According to foreign media reports, as the highest law enforcement agency Europol has recently hosted the fourth session of the conference of digital currency. According to the agency’s announcement Wednesday, this year will discuss other encryption currency bitcoin as a store of value, and the payment is legitimate.

The discussion will bitcoin as the European cybercrime centre payment value storage and the lawful Europol (EC3) recently at Europol headquarters in Hague held the fourth session of the general assembly of virtual currency. EC3 was founded in 2013, is the network crime expert group of the European Union, aims to help law enforcement agencies to deal with cyber attacks.

This activity in June 22 to 23 held to further strengthen the fight against abuse of virtual currency trading and money laundering criminal activities.

Unlike in previous years, Europol also meeting the additional discussion, according to the agency on Wednesday announced the news:

Another interesting topic covered is the legitimate use of bitcoin encryption technology, including the use of money as a store of value, as well as the legitimate payment for goods and services.”

The digital monetary conference organised by the European police, there are more than 150 experts from various fields to participate in the event this year. Many law enforcement agencies in European countries and non EU countries have been involved in the private sector, but experts have also been invited. Many bitcoin companies were selected to participate in, because they provide through online transactions, payment processing or wallet service to promote the legitimate use of virtual currency.

According to Europol, in the industry experts including, Bitfinex, Bitpanda, Bitonic, Bitstamp, Bitpay, Coinbase, Cubits, Localbitcoins, Spectrocoin and Xapo.

The notice pointed out that “participants to share their views on crime trends, use the latest technology to hide financial trajectory and criminals, and the use of bitcoin and other virtual currencies cash proceeds of crime.”

The European Union has been a lot of research in digital currency as a store of value. With the passage of time, the researchers found that bitcoin is increasingly recognized as a valuable commodity.

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