Europe’s largest port to set up a chain of chain research laboratory

nnPost Comment: Rotterdam port will set up a block chain laboratory to study the role of block chain in port logistics and other aspects. The research carried out by the laboratory will not be limited to shipping, but will also explore energy transactions. Authorities believe that this will help them truly innovate, develop new economies through new technologies, and confident in the role of the laboratory.n
nTranslated by: Inan
Rotterdam, the Netherlands, is the largest port in Europe and is setting up a laboratory dedicated to the research of block chain technology.n
The laboratory, named “BlockLab”, is envisioned as a “regional private sector knowledge center” for applied research, jointly organized by Rotterdam and port authorities to investigate the blocklelt chain to more effectively organize port logistics and cargo delivery potential.n
According to the press release, its first steps include the introduction of a chain-chain application developed jointly with the cloud software company Exact and the ABN AMRO to assist the port logistics sector in equity financing.n
Maarten Struijvenberg, vice mayor of Rotterdam, commented:n
n”Although the block chain is very hot, but in fact, the operation is completely normal application is not much.We will change this situation through BlockLab.This is very important, because we need real innovation to create a new economy, and Block chains can help us achieve that. “n
nHowever, the study carried out by BlockLab is not just about the port. The release also revealed its interest in exploring the chain of energy transfer, for example, enabling the company to trade surplus heat so that city dwellers could trade electricity.n
This is not the first move in the area of ​​the block chain. Last year, the port authorities announced that they would join together with 14 major banks and universities to join a chain-chain alliance to explore the chain-chain opportunities in logistics.n

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