Europe’s largest social investment platform ayondo new bitcoin business

Europe’s largest social investment platform ayondo new bitcoin business

Ayondo became the latest increase bitcoin business currency financial operators.

Ayondo is one of Europe’s largest social investment platform, business throughout Europe, Asia, the British and German federal financial supervisory authority supervision, and holds FCA (financial behavior authority) a full licence.

Traders can now feel the encryption currency service in ayondo TradeHub, were spread betting and so-called CFDs Trading (CED).

A company CPORazaPerez media quoted a sentence in the report: “the recent bitcoin development scale, bitcoin interest risen.”

“When the volatility of financial market is relatively low, high specific price has brought great business opportunities. With the bitcoin project started, we will according to customer demand for our product range expanded further.”

The UK company is the latest in a new crypto currency related business operators.

No Wallet

Earlier this month, the London Company (eToro e core) announced that bitcoin is new, the etheric Fang (ETH) and Ethernet (ETC) transactions on the classic.

At the same time, e Rui will lock the city investors, to develop a crypto currency as the theme of the campaign.

In addition, ayondo does not require customers to exchange new wallet.

The “social investment” model for several years of outstanding performance, allowing inexperienced investors imitate leading investors act.

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