Expert tips: use Blockchain to wash coin service users still can be identified

Expert tips: use Blockchain to wash coin service users still can be identified

Computer security expert Kristov Atlas warned that bitcoin users need high transaction privacy of users should avoid using the Blockchain service (SharedCoin) wash coins and other CoinJoin tools, said washing service only to keep secret coin testers are not skilled, also need more sophisticated analysis tools so that ordinary users can operate. Blockchain expressed support for this research.

Blockchain wash coin service is a CoinJoin application development based on the principle of confidentiality, the working principle is to allow users to use multiple address a large number of repeat transactions, to confuse the effect, can make it hard for others to keep track of an address bitcoin bitcoin user usage, so as to better protect the privacy.

Atlas using the CoinJoin Sudoku software tools to develop their own analysis of the extensive use of wash coin service trade, by looking for a large number of input and output common to all parties, and according to the numerical results to confirm the specific pairing, the payment and the payee. This broke the secret service money washing function.

Blockchain launched this feature at a time when other companies launched track business services, but Blockchain does not provide absolute commitment to privacy protection. Previous similar confusion class tool is based on user trust, and wash the coin service and CoinJoin by repeated transactions, not requiring the operator to trust between.

Wash money service for test results, Blockchain has developed the Taint analysis tool, but Atlas believes the evaluation of the effect of the tool is bad, he plans to release CoinJoin Sudoku.

Blockchain and Atlas have said to maintain cooperation and reward, welcome everyone to know the company’s open source project.

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